By Robin | January 06, 2017

Blueprint of Amsterdam – the capital of denim

If you are planning on visiting Amsterdam, there are a couple of places you should absolutely visit. Besides the famous hotspots as Dam Square, De Wallen and all the interesting museums, there are a lot of great stores worth paying a visit to. Some people, mostly Dutch people, call Amsterdam the Denim Capital of the world. Perhaps this is a little over exaggerated, but if you are looking for the perfect jeans, Amsterdam is indeed the place to visit. In this article we will mention a couple of these awesome stores. Four of the stores below sell the world’s most wanted denim brands and the last mentioned store is the place to go to if you are looking for a fresh pair of sneakers.


Tenue de Nimes

When talking about must-visit denim stores, Tenue de Nimes can’t be missed. Founded in 2008, Tenue de Nimes is now the most popular high-end denim store in the Netherlands. They found the perfect mix between high-end fashion, such as Acne, Hancock and APC, and hardcore denim brands such as Momotaro, Tellason and Naked & Famous. Tenue de Nimes now has two stores in Amsterdam, both for male and female.


Denim City

Just a stone’s throw away from the city centre you can find Denim City. Denim City is not just a denim store, it’s an entire denim facility. Every part of the process in creating a jean is located in this building. From weaving the fabric to selling the jeans. There is even the possibility to follow a one year course at the Denim School. Besides Denim City being a denim hotspot, you can also shop for brands like Denham, Momotaro and Benzak Denim Developers there.



The newest Raw Denim store in Amsterdam, is located in the very popular and hipster ‘De Pijp’ district. Rauw Store is a modern day boutique for male and female fashion. Rauw is the store to visit when you’re looking for upcoming brands such as Livid Jeans, Denim.Lab or The Blue Uniform.



Amsterdam is the hometown of Denham The Jeanmaker. With 6 stores and the HQ, Denham’s presence is most definitely throughout Amsterdam. Every store is located in old typical Amsterdam building and worth paying a visit. If you are in a rush, make sure you to visit the new Flagship store at the Hobbemastraat. Besides shopping the great Denham collection you can find collaborations with Art Comes First, Converse and The Last Conspiracy’s.



When you’ve found the perfect outfit, you can complete your new outfit with a fresh pair of sneakers. Amsterdam has an overload when it comes to sneakers, but when you are looking for some exclusive Nikes, Adidas or Converse, Baskets is the place to visit.