By Robin | January 06, 2017

Momotaro Jeans


The Okayama region, especially Kojima, in Japan is famous for its traditional techniques and the high quality textiles. Kojima’s textile production history goes back hundreds of years, and in the late 1960s the first Japanese jeans were produced. Over a few decades, Japan has established itself as one of the best denim producers in the world. Nowadays many of the Japanese denim brands still produce denim on vintage shuttle looms because of the unique texture and high quality. One of these brands is Momotaro Jeans. Momotaro Jeans was founded at Kojima, Okayama by the Japan Blue Company in 2006 (Also founders of Japan Blue & Collect).

While the market for Japanese Selvedge Denim has grown, Momotaro has kept producing on old shuttle looms instead of using much quicker and more efficient machines. Now that we know that, we can simply understand their slogan; ‘ Made by hand without compromise’



‘Made by hand without compromise’

The name Momotaro, which literally means Peach Boy, is based on a famous Japanese fairy tale on rejuvenation, a peaceful life and an encouragement to follow your dreams. According to this story, Momotaro was born from a giant peach that came floating down the stream. He became the child of a hard working and poor elderly couple. Momotaro let the elderly couple feel young again and encouraged them to follow their dreams. Like the story, Momotaro Jeans is also a story of hard working denim artisans in Japan pursuing their dreams of delivering uncompromised jeans to the world.

Nowadays, Momotaro jeans is one of the most wanted raw denim brands worldwide. They are known for their high quality, durability and beautiful fabrics. Their devotion to getting into details when it comes to fabric and construction is incredible.

Momotaro jeans only uses 100% Zimbabwean Cotton. Cotton from Zimbabwe is known to be the best quality cotton in the world. Zimbabwean cotton provides a better durability and has more ability to hold indigo dye, which gives the jeans a beautiful deep blue color and the best fading potential.




Momotaro jeans; Full of Japanese Heritage

Momotaro jeans carry a lot of unique signatures, which all refer to the rich Japanese heritage. The most eye-catching signature of Momotaro Jeans are the two white Battle Stripes on the right backpocket. Momotaro’s Battle Stripes are a homage to the war flag ‘Peach Boy’ carried in the fairy tale. Another magnificent signature is the unique pink Selvedge line, representing the peach from the story. The leather patch and the rivets display a picture of the Peach Boy.

So, when you’re looking for a jeans with an incredible durability, great fading potential and a rich Japanese heritage, Momotaro should be on your watchlist!