By Robin | January 06, 2017

Paul Kruize Jeans


After years of working as a furniture / interior designer, Paul Kruize decided to go back to his roots. Paul studied fashion and he worked as a designer for many years, but secretly he always wanted to be a tailor. Years of practicing his sewing skills went by, and in 2014 he was ready to start Paul Kruize Jeans.

During our conversation, Paul told us he chose to make Jeans because of its iconic status and versatility. He always was a jeans lover himself, so it is a perfect match. According to Paul, inspiration is in everything, in music, in craftsmanship, you just have to keep my eyes and ears open.




One man, One machine

Paul Kruize works in a small studio in Enschede, in the east of the Netherlands. All his products are made with just a single machine; his beloved Juki. The entire process is build around this machine for example; instead of using an overlocking machine Paul uses a hand-felled seam on the inner leg, so all the seams are closed. The buttonholes are sewn by hand and the buttons & rivets are hammered instead of using a press. And last but not least, Paul only uses the finest fabrics from the leading mills in Japan.




It’s all about Fabric, Fit & Construction

There is no such thing as the ‘Paul Kruize collection’, every pair of jeans is made to the client’s measurements and special demands. Every jeans starts with a conversation between Paul and his client. When the wishes are clear, Paul makes a personal pattern and transfers it into a sample. If the sample meets the clients expectations, he cuts the fabric & sews the jeans. When the client cannot make it to the studio, Paul will help the client measuring the right sizes trough email.

Paul Kruize only makes one pair of jeans at a time. Every pair of jeans will get a lot of attention, that’s what makes a pair of Paul Kruize jeans unique!

If you ask us, Paul Kruize Jeans isn’t a denim brand. Paul Kruize is a tailor who can perfectly understand the needs of his customers. Buying mass-production jeans, comes with making compromises. Buying a Paul Kruize jeans, buys you a perfectly fitted bespoke jeans.. Find out more about Paul Kruize Jeans at