By Robin | February 05, 2017

Lee 101z – 3 years, 7 months


Personal Information

Name: King Yu Yiu

Instagram name: @kingyuyiu

Residence: London, England

Occupation: Creative Director


About the jeans

Brand: Lee

Model: 101 Z, 23 oz.

Store: Lee HQ Antwerp. This was given as a gift by Olivier at LEE’s HQ in Antwerp whom I worked with when Vivienne Westwood was collaborating with LEE back then (good times…)


About the fades

Years: 3

Months: 7

Washes: 0 ( A strict no-wash policy )

Soaks: 0

Main activities: Walking! I used to commute by foot to work which took an hour each day, return. 

‘I wore this jeans so hardcore to witness the beauty of natural indigo fading; working a lot with denim and washes with manufactures, I was simply curious to see a 100% natural wear-down without the need of any resources, just through everyday life.’

Lee 101Z

Lee 101Z

Lee 101Z

Lee 101Z

Lee 101Z

Lee 101Z

Lee 101Z