By Robin | March 15, 2017

Denimio – Japanese denim for Japanese prices


Back in the days it was very hard, and expensive, to get your hands on original Japanese jeans. Nowadays more and more Japanese brands are sold in Europe, but most of the times you have to pay the ultimate price. Shipping costs and taxes are some of the reasons for the high prices, but another major reason is that Japanese brands use two different rates namely; Japanese prices and (higher) overseas prices. In 2009 Denimio came up with the solution. Now one of the largest retailers of premium Japanese denim brands, they started with only 3 brands namely, Momotaro Jeans, Skull Jeans and Pure Blue Japan.

The Denimio warehouse is located in Yokohama, very close to the source and the corporate office is in Hong Kong. Denimio offers Japanese denim for Japanese prices. The prices are fixed at the Japanese retail price, which is way lower than the international retail price. On top of that they provide free worldwide shipping on every order above ¥12.000 (€100).





The list of brands at Denimio is a list to take seriously. Name a Japanese denim brand, and they’re probably for sale at Worldwide respected brands such as The Strike Gold, The Flathead and Samurai jeans are for sale, but you can also shop for smaller, more unknown Japanese brands like Sómet, Sugar Cane and TCB Jeans.

Since their establishment, Denimio did a lot of collaborations with major Japanese denim brands. Brands as Momotaro Jeans, Samurai Jeans and Japan Blue all teamed up with Denimio to deliver a limited exclusive to the world.





From our own experience, we can say that Denimio’s customer service is excellent. Whether you need product information, help with picking the right size or information about the shipping and taxes, the people behind Denimio will help you patiently. The customer services are easy to reach via their website, Facebook and Instagram. Besides that, the response time is perfect, for this review we asked them a couple of questions, and the longest response only took 4 hours.

Denimio gives 10% discount to every new customer, all you have to do is sign up for their newsletter. Once you’re in the system you get reward points, worth 5% of the total order, on every purchase. To reduce the price even more, Denimio allows you to create your own shipping document. You can set the value of the product and you can send it as a sample or a gift for local custom purposes.





Normally, we don’t like to buy jeans online, because we want to fit the jeans, feel the fabric and get impressed by it. We tried just because the prices are so much better than in most stores in Europe. To make sure we picked the right sizes, we spammed the customer service and they came up with a solution to every question. Thanks to their patience, I bought my first unsanforized jeans in the perfect size! The perfect customer service, together with the prices, the list of brands and the free shipping deserve Denimio’s recommendation.



  • Free worldwide shipping (for every purchase worth €100 or more)
  • Excellent customer service
  • Impressive collection
  • Reward points (expires within 6 months)



  • Momtaro Jeans
  • Full Count
  • Japan Blue
  • Oni Denim
  • Pure Blue Japan
  • Samurai Jeans
  • Skull Jeans
  • The Flathead
  • The Strike Gold

And many more..


Head over to Denimio and see the collections for yourself!