By Robin | March 03, 2017

Our Favorite Instagrammers – @raw.denim


Name: Micky Scherer

Instagram Name: @raw.denim
Amount of followers: 35,9k

Age: 28

Residence: Cologne, Germany
Occupation: Head of the Boutique at “Peek & Cloppenburg” in Cologne

How is it going Robin?! First I want to thank you for letting me be part of your great new Denim-Online-World. Can I just take off my imaginary hat to you for the enormous efforts you probably had to undertake to create this great project. Guess it’s going to be THE new platform when you want to learn about Denim and those great people who are in to this Indigo-thing like us;)! Congrats again man – I am definitely excited about how all this is going to evolve 😉 !!

What can I say about me?! I guess I am a friendly, open minded guy with great friends and an awesome family who has kind of a problem with denim and quality products in general :D. But I also guess this problem relates to many of us;).

I’ve currently moved to Cologne and have pretty much constantly work to do at my job. So right now there is not too much time left to do the things I like. For example, I would love to travel more – so I could visit all those great places around the world. Would really love to visit Japan sometime. I’d visit all those iconic Japanese Denim Hotspots like Okayama or just experience the probably crazy cool atmosphere in a metropole like Tokyo.


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  1. Why do you share your outfits? And why Instagram?

All this Instagram thing started because I was on the hunt to discover new products and styles to extend my personal style :D.
But when I was looking at all those great feeds back then (just wanna mention here the great @clobbercalm aka Ben – Cheers to England my friend) I thought: why shouldn’t I start my own Instagram page. And that was it. Since then I am showing the fits and kits I like and it still is just crazy that so many other fellow denim heads actually really like what I’m wearing and showing. 
I am still pretty humbled about that.


  1. What makes your Instagram feed so special?

Nothing crazy particular in my opinion. But there are two things I put my focus on: quality and simplicity. I relate that to the actual quality of the pics (and here all the credit go to the great photographers I work with – especially to my girl Jannika aka @jannikabgold) and to the quality about the stuff I am wearing.

And it’s the same when it comes to the simplicity. Less is more. Focus on the goods and the fits. That’s it. Nothing more.


  1. Where does your inspiration come from?

Oh my :D. From so many areas. Love the reduced and simple style of some classic icons from the movie and music industry. For example the young Johnny Depp or Bruce Springsteen. But I am also really into the way personalities from today are interpreting their style. Here I want to name Pharrell or Tom Hardy. I know that’s a crazy combination. But for me it’s exactly about that. Picking up some ideas from here and there and letting those influences create their own thing. Honestly to me my style doesn’t seem pretty special or extraordinary but it’s still my own, personal way, to wear fashion and clothes. And that is the most important thing for me when I think about the meaning of inspiration.


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  1. Where does your love for denim come from? When did it start?

The first pair of Selevedge Denim I bought was a Nudie Jeans. To be specific a ‘Regular Ralf – Dry Selvage’ back in 2005. I found them at ‘the place to be’ when it comes to fashion in my hometown Mainz: ‘Peoples Place’ (@peoplesplacemainz) Already back then I altered the fit to a more narrow leg but without rolling them up like I do today :D. And from then the interest and also the addiction to denim and all its aspects was growing and growing.


  1. Your top 3 favourite (denim)brands?

@nudiejeans: Because with them it all started and after all those years their Denims have never disappointed a single time until today. Never.

@3sixteen: Every product I own from those fellas is pure quality. Doesn’t matter if it’s a great piece of Selvedge Denim or other-every day-apparel. Quality through and through. And not to forget – Look at all those great styles they deliver – Every. Single. Season.

@redwingheritage: Do I have to explain that :D. We all know what kind of beautiful and lasting friends their boots can be. And especially with RW’s Shoes you can see what I love about quality products in general: they are getting better and more beautiful with every time you wear them.


  1. What is your favourite accessory?

My Key Chain from this small and tiny leather manufacturer in Berlin: ‘Emma Opitz Lederlinge’. Handcrafted in Germany from Canadian leather that develops in an awesome manner. And – I have to mention another thing: My Zippo, which was purified by the fellas from ‘Feinschmuck’. Also a small German company with a great sense for details and quality.


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  1. What items do you wear the most at the moment?

My Denims are rotating almost every day so it would be unfair to mention just one;)! But the 875 Red Wings and the 626 Motorcycle Jacket from Schott NYC have been my every day friends for many many months.
Boots and a classic Leather jacket work almost every time and that kind of kit never gets old to me. At most if you wear it with a well-worn pair of Selvedge Denim and a white Tee :D. Basic but clean.


  1. What is your favorite shop? And what is your favorite webstore?

‘Stuff Fine Goods’, the shop from my man @thomas.von.stuff is the best place in Germany when you are looking for a perfect atmosphere to experience awesome hospitality and a great assortment of quality products that care about their customers. So should you ever visit Düsseldorf –your know now where to head to.

And online I always choose ‘@cultizm’: Perfect Service, a nice contact and the best range of brands I love to wear right now and in the future. Of course only, if I am not too broke because of all that stuff that I need so desperately (You all know the struggle 😀 😀 )


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  1. Do you care about the production process?

Sure I do. The fact that some brands actually focus on fair and transparent production processes are an really important part of why I like or don’t like them. Of course all of us want to wear nice clothes and everything. And I also don’t want to be a hypocrite, there is much in life I could do better to help our planet and its population, but at least when it comes to the stuff I am wearing every single day it’s good to know that the brands are standing for a decent production and they are not using it just for marketing. At least I hope so ;)!


  1. What are your dreams for the future?

I want to have my own little family sometime and then contaminate my future little girl or boy with my addiction for denim and all that stuff – poor kids :D!!


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