By Robin | April 19, 2017

Coming up: The Nudie Jeans x Robin Denim Wear & Tear Contest


We teamed up with Nudie Jeans to present to you an awesome Wear & Tear contest! In the next twelve months, four Dutch guys will wear and tear the Nudie Jeans Grim Tim to its limit.

Nudie jeans is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction from our side. Every denim lover on this planet has heard of this Swedish brand or even has a couple of Nudies in their closet. With over 1 million sales a year we can easily say that Nudie is one of the most popular denim brands on this planet. Their take on fits and fabrics, their transparency and social responsibility is what made Nudie Jeans what it is today. On top of that, Nudie Jeans is the trendsetter when it comes to sustainable denim. Every single piece is made of 100% organically grown and harvested cotton and produced through an environmentally friendly process. To promote this sustainable mindset, Nudie Jeans offers lifelong free repairs on all their jeans.

With this in mind, we are very proud to announce the Nudie Jeans x Robin Denim Wear & Tear Contest..


The contest

The Wear & Tear Contest is brought to life to display the evolution of the same pair of jeans, worn by four different guys. In the next 12 months, we will follow these four guys to see how they wear and tear their pair of jeans to its limit. The rules for the Wear & Tear contest are very clear and simple; wear the jeans as much as you can and create the best fades!


Wear & Tear Contest


The jeans

For this contest, we’ve chosen to use the 13.5 oz. Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Dry Selvage. This pair of jeans has been in the Nudie Jeans collection since 2001. The 13.5 oz. Grim Tim is made of Japanese denim from the Kaihara Mills featuring the orange Nudie Jeans signature Selvedge ID and is constructed in Italy. This pair of jeans is the perfect jeans for a contest because of its versatility. Whether you wear Redwing or Nikies, the Nudie Jeans Grim Tim will fit perfectly into your outfit.


Wear & Tear Contest


The Guys

For this contest, we’ve carefully selected four denim-minded guys from The Netherlands. These guys are very different, have different jobs, different interests and different lifestyles. What all those guys have in common though is their insane love for raw denim, they literally eat denim from breakfast!

Tomorrow we will introduce each participant by asking them three questions. After tomorrow’s introduction, we will follow these guys for 12 months, featuring the fading process throughout the year..

We are looking forward to seeing the different fades throughout the year, it promises to be very interesting!