By Robin | May 16, 2017

JORD watches – Handcrafted authentic wooden watches


Jord, an American based watch company, creates timepieces that are modeled and focused on a modern lifestyle. According to Jord, watches are not just timekeepers; watches are statement pieces that should tell more than just time.


Raw materials, refined design

All watches are handcrafted from different types of wood sourced from all over the world including the United States, Asia and Africa. All those different types of woods are selected by their hardness, durability and by aesthetics. The movements of the watches are developed by several high-quality manufacturers, named; Citizen (Japan), Seagull (China) and Ronda (Switzerland).

The preliminary machining of the watches is done overseas while the assembly is mainly done in the United States. All the shipping, quality checks, repairs and customization is done at Jord’s headquarters in St. Louis.


JORD Watches – Handcrafted authentic wooden watches


Koa & Black

Jord sent us the Koa & Black watch from their Dover Series to see the quality for ourselves. All watches from the Dover Series, including the Koa & Black, are automatic. Because of the automatic movements, the battery will recharge by movement, so no batteries are needed.

The Koa & Black watch is made from Acacia Koa, sourced on Hawaii. This type of wood will produce color tones that range from medium gold to reddish brown. Although Koa wood is softer than several other wood species, the watch is built to survive even the roughest denim heads.

The Koa & Black features sapphire crystal glass which is known to be one of the strongest glass types. The deployment buckle with push buttons makes it very easy to put the watch on and off. The Koa wood is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils. Since the Koa & Black watch is made of wood, the watch is splash-proof but should not be submerged in water.

If you are looking for an outstanding watch which will compliment your outfit, we can recommend Jord Watches. The prices range from €127 for a simple and clean watch to €362 for an automatic mechanical multi-functional watch made from Zebrawood. See Jord’s collection for yourself in their webstore.


JORD Watches – Handcrafted authentic wooden watches