By Robin | May 05, 2017

Our Favorite Instagrammers –


Name: Morteza    

Instagram Name:
Amount of followers: 17.8k

Age: 28

Residence: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Profession:  Taking courses in Dutch

My name is Morteza a.k.a. Mori. I was born and raised in Iran and I have lived in the Netherlands since 2014. At the moment, I am taking courses in Dutch, this is very important to me because I need to be able to speak Dutch before I can look for a job.

Everything in my house is vintage style, literally everything  I own is old… my glasses, my clock, my dinner table. I also love vintage tattoos, my arms are filled with them. As to my pictures on Instagram, my tattoos are an addition to my vintage style.

My clothing style is also vintage! I own 3 vintage leather jackets and lots of raw denim jeans. I wash my jeans only once or twice a year. After having found myself a job, I intend to buy a pair of jeans every week.


Our Favorite Instagrammers -


  1. Why do you share your outfits? And why Instagram?

I love Instagram and I can’t live without it. Most Fashion companies and the best fashion people have Instagram now, so I can find everything  I am interested in on Instagram. This is the reason I am very involved in Instagram.

For me, Instagram is showing  the things I wear. The pictures on my feed  aren’t just pictures, these pictures are telling my story. Because every Instagram feed tells its own story and because the Instagram community is very strong, I embrace Instagram. Lots of people comment positively on each photo I post.


  1. What makes your Instagram feed so special?

I started my Instagram a few years back, but it wasn’t very serious at that time. That changed when I came to the Netherlands two years ago.

Back in the days, when I lived in Iran, my clothing style wasn’t allowed. Sometimes, the police came by to tell that the jeans I were wearing, weren’t allowed on the street. My mustache made sure I got lots of comments as well..

Instagram is legal in Iran, but the freedom to post pictures is limited. Once, I posted a photo of me and my girlfriend on Instagram, I had to go to the police station and they ordered me to remove the photo. In the Netherlands I am truly free, I can wear and post whatever I like. The people in the Netherlands are very helpful and friendly.

Making use of an extra pair of hands, definitely helps creating the pictures for my Instagram feed. I ask friends, and sometimes random people on the street, to help me with my shots. Some of my friends take very cool shots with their own nice touch. Most of my pictures are taken in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A lot of work has  to be done before I put just one picture on Instagram because I always take a great number  of action shots, scrutinize them and finally put the perfect shot on Instagram.


  1. Where does your inspiration come from?

I get my inspiration from  other Instagram accounts. It really inspires  me what other people  like and wear. Accounts that I often check are; @vorstenbos @olicongress & @1lrg. @vorstenbos has a very impressive private collection of vintage items. @1lrg is a collector of Ralph Lauren. You should check these accounts yourselves.


Our Favorite Instagrammers -


  1. Where does your love for denim come from? When did it start?

After having arrived in the Netherlands, clothes became very important to me. Suddenly I could wear whatever I liked,  without being afraid of the police or without being afraid of people, who keep staring at me.

Nowadays, I would rather buy clothes than food and since I have no girlfriend,  I sleep with a denim jacket next to me 😉


  1. Your top 3 favorite (denim)brands?

Levi’s is my favorite brand. Everything they make is of very high and  excellent quality, having been gained during 185 years of experience. Especially LVC is cool, I would love to wear anything from their collection. The fits are perfect for my body type.

Other brands that I like are RRL and Redwings..

Why I like RRL? Especially because of the quality and the style. The colour of their denim is vintage! RLL is more expensive compared to LVC, so when I start working, I am going to buy more RRL.

Redwing is an American brand and the quality is really  high.. I own 3 pair of Redwings and every single pair is perfect! One of my pairs is vintage, 30 years old in a special model and colour.. I am so proud to have these in my collection!


  1. What is your favorite accessory?

My favorite accessories are my leather wallet, my leather bracelet and my vintage hat. I have a lot of hats because they fit perfectly into my vintage & workwear style!


Our Favorite Instagrammers -


  1. What items do you wear most at the moment?

My everyday outfit is a pair of jeans, a denim jacket and a hat. Since 2 weeks I  have worn a jeans and a jacket from the Spanish brand JWJ. I will wear this outfit as long as possible to create some cool fades!


  1. What is your favorite shop? And what is your favorite webstore?

My favorite online store is Ebay. The prices on Ebay are so good. Recently I bought a brand new LVC jacket dating from 1930, with a retail price from €100 for €280.  Another reason is that I sometimes find pieces that aren’t for sale in stores.

Favorite stores? I like visiting the Levi’s stores! The Black & blue store in Nijmegen, the Netherlands is nice as well, their clothes fit perfectly into my style. And of course, the Redwing stores..



  1. Do you care about the production process?

Everything I wear must be considered high quality! For me, it’s very important that my clothes are made in an environmental-friendly way and that the people who make the jeans get paid well.


  1. What are your dreams for the future?

After having studied Dutch, I want to take courses in order to be a model or hair stylist. .


Our Favorite Instagrammers -

Our Favorite Instagrammers -