By Robin | May 12, 2017

Our Favorite Instagrammers -@toomanypants


Name: Ian
Instagram Name: @toomanypants
Amount of followers: 1136
Age: 23
Residence: The Great White North (Canada)
Occupation: Avian Biologist

I’m a recent grad riding the struggle bus of life. Camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing, mainly being outdoors is my jam. You’ll find me at Soul Nite dancing to the funk bands or outdoors. As for food, I love 4 am drunk Chinese food with friends or greasy pizza.


Our Favorite Instagrammers -@toomanypants


  1. Why do you share your outfits? And why Instagram?

I post on instagram because it’s a great tool to share and talk with like minded people. Most of my friends think I’m weird for taking pictures of my pants!


  1. What makes your Instagram feed so special?

All my S1qq Fad3z m8. Honestly, I try to keep each post as different as I can to show off the fabrics and fades.


  1. Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from the denim itself, I consider my fades to be art. If I see my jeans looking all sexy in sunlight, then I’ll snap a picture.


Our Favorite Instagrammers -@toomanypants


  1. Where does your love for denim come from? When did it start?

My addiction started with the help from my buddy Greg telling me I could make my own faded jeans! It’s been 7 years since I went down the rabbit hole of slub, nep, heavy weights, unsanforized etc…


5. Your top 3 favorite (denim)brands? 

Pure Blue Japan – they are the slub gods. I worked and saved up for my XX-012s no regrets.
Naked and Famous denim – they jump started my addiction with their fits and crazy fabrics.
The Flat Head – their build quality and flannels are my next purchases.


  1. What is your favorite accessory?

I don’t like wearing many accessories but it’s a toss up between my grandpa’s hats he gave me or my corter belt hook.


Our Favorite Instagrammers -@toomanypants


  1. What items do you wear the most at the moment? 

My 22oz Elephant 2s, I work outdoors and need a pair that can keep up.


  1. What is your favorite shop? And what is your favorite webstore? 

Favourite shop would be any thrift store. I’m always surprised at what amazing clothes you can find, also, I’m a broke grad.

As for webstore, I love Denimio, their selection of Japanese brands and customer service is wicked. #sponsorme


Our Favorite Instagrammers -@toomanypants

  1. Do you care about the production process? 

I try as much as I can. Build quality and customer service are my go-tos when searching for a new pair.


  1. What are your dreams for the future?

I’d love to create and manage my own business. Also, just try and experience as many things before I expire!


Our Favorite Instagrammers -@toomanypants