By Robin | May 17, 2017

Review New York Denim Academy 5-Pocket Jean


Brand: New York denim academy
Product name: Selvedge 5-Pocket jean
Materials: 13.5 oz. Cone Mills White Oak selvedge denim
Made in: New York City, USA
Price: $175 (made to order)


General information

The New York Denim Academy (NYDA) is located in the heart of the NYC Garment District. They have been producing clothing in America for top brands like Helmut Lang, Opening Ceremony and Public School since the 1980s. Duncan, the founder of NYDA, is very passionate about making quality clothing in NYC and has a knack for selvedge denim, specifically White Oak.

Everything, from developing to the construction, takes place in the city center of New York City. NYDA is focused on the street scene of New York city which means that their jeans are clean, aesthetic and understated.


New York Denim Academy 


The 5-Pocket jean is made from 13.5 oz. White Oak selvedge denim from America’s most iconic denim mill, Cone Mills. The fabric has a soft and comfortable feel and a subtle appearance. The jeans is sewn with a grayish thread which gives the jeans a more understated look compared to the regular orange thread. The inseam is overlocked with a blue and red thread. The NYDA 5-Pocket is finished with clean buttons and rivets which fit perfectly in the overall look of this pair of jeans. The jeans looks very solid and professionally constructed, all the critical points such as the crotch and the fly seem to be strong and durable.



The New York Denim Academy kept their 5-pocket very simple and clean. The cut as well as the details are minimal to compliment New York’s fashion attitude. When we took a closer look, we noticed two discreet details that refer to the New York and made in America heritage. The details are very outspoken, but because they’re small in size it isn’t too much.


The New York City subway token button

Back in the days, you needed a subway token to travel with the metro through New York city.  The token was good for one fare so you needed a large wallet until the tokens got replaced in 2003. The third button on NYDA’s 5-pocket jean is a homage to these subway token and carry the inscription; ‘NYR – Good for one pair’.


Manhole Cover Rivet

The rivet on the right edge of the coin pocket is brassy colored and displays a pattern which refers to the New York City manhole cover. Just like the button, this rivet is a reference to the origin of the brand.


New York Denim Academy tag

Instead of using a classic leather patch, the New York Denim Academy chose to use a small cotton tag on the inside of the jeans. They chose to use a cotton tag to keep their designs more minimal with a modern twist.  On the outside of the jeans you will only see two red threads.


New York Denim Academy



The development as well as the production of the jeans took place in the Garment District of New York City. Garment District is located close to Times Square and is famous for the dense concentration of fashion-related companies and stores. The main concept of the New York Denim Academy all comes from the same designer (also founder) and a team of operators in helping the development of sampling.



NYDA’s 5-Pocket jeans is made from 13.5 oz. White Oak selvedge denim milled by Cone Mills in Greensboro, North Carolina. This American iconic fabric is known to be one of the highest qualities available.

The fabric is soft and comfortable and features a very dark blue selvedge ID. The fabric is sanforized which means that minor shrinkage is expected after the first wash.



Since this pair of jeans is unwashed and untreated and dyed in indigo expect it to bleed some indigo. Be careful with rubbing against furniture or other clothing articles.

Our advice is to only wash when necessary. When the wash cannot wait any longer, we advise a hand wash for minimal damage to the fabric. We do not encourage to not wash the jeans at all. Washing it once in a while will help recover the worn in fibres, giving your pair of jeans a longer lifespan.

NYDA’s care instructions are sewn on the left inside pocket.


New York Denim Academy



The New York Denim Academy kept their 5-pocket jean very clean and simple. The jeans is very subtle and fits perfectly into the current clean and Scandinavian attitude. The topstitch is stitched with a greyish thread to provide a more understated look.

The 13.5 oz. White Oak fabric used for this pair of jeans is soft, smooth and comfortable. The construction of this pair of jeans feels solid and professional. The stitching and the finishing seems the be strong and durable.

The development, the weaving of the fabric and even the cutting and sewing of the jeans took place in America. By keeping the production close, the New York Denim Academy can guarantee the highest quality. The New York subway token button and the Manhole Cover rivet shows that NYDA is proud with their American made product.

If you are looking for a clean and simple pair of jeans which are made in America, we can recommend New York Denim Academy’s 5-pocket jean.


New York Denim Academy