By Robin | June 08, 2017

Denham expands its presence in Utrecht

Amsterdam based denim brand Denham the Jeanmaker expands its presence in Utrecht. Early may, Denham opened its first women’s store in Utrecht and relocated the men’s store to a larger store. Both stores opened in early May 2017, and are located on the Choorstraat in the city centre. The stores, established in historical Dutch buildings, are surrounded by premium local and international brands. The official opening of both stores will take place on the 8th of June under the supervision of Jason Denham himself.

Denham the Jeanmaker opened the first store in Utrecht a year ago, and it has had success.
‘We wanted complete our brand experience in Utrecht with the full collection offering, so we’ve moved our men’s store to an expanded location at Choorstraat 9 and converted Choorstraat 2 into a women’s store. It’s the perfect boutique environment to present our women’s collections.’ – Jason Denham, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Denham the Jeanmaker.



The Men’s store 

The new men’s store, consisting of three levels and 150-square meters, is now showcasing more than double the men’s product than was previously available in Utrecht. The collection at Choorstraat 9 includes the virgin denim, the Italian Candiani denim and the Japanese denim collections. In addition of the jeans, all tees, sweats and jackets from the collection are nicely presented throughout the store. It also presents a comprehensive footwear offering including Denham’s own shoe collection and sneakers from brands like Converse and Clarks.

The newly opened store has a full Service Co., where Denham jeans can be maintained and repaired for life. Also offered at the Service Co, is a hand-wash laundry service and a custom sewing area. The Lab uses vintage ‘Union Special’ sewing machines which fits perfectly into the store environment. Because the Service Co. is run by well-trained store staff, you can leave behind your pair of jeans with confidence.

While looking for a new pair of jeans, you are invited to enjoy Italian coffee at the Denham Coffee Bar. The helpful and friendly store staff is happy to help and can guide you through all collections.

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