By Robin | June 04, 2017

Livid Jeans’ chain of value

The Norwegian clothing label Livid Jeans added another story to their supply chain. With the recently published documentary, Livid finished the chain of value which provides insight into every stage of their production process.

In a world driven by machines it is hard to believe that clothes are still made by human beings. Of course, some parts of the process are taken over by machines, but there are still lots of human actions required to produce a pair of jeans. So before your pair of jeans hit the store, dozens of people are involved. No matter the price tag of a jeans and no matter in which country the jeans was made. With this said, it is hard to believe that a pair of jeans with a price tag of €50 can even come close to a decent salary for every person involved.



commitment to transparency  

Deeply rooted in Livid’s philosophy is their commitment to transparency and paying a fair price to everyone who is involved. Therefore, they’ve worked for the past twelve months on opening their value chain and make their production processes completely transparent. Every stage, from harvesting the cotton to finishing the jeans, is explained inside their newly finished supply chain. As far as even revealing the addresses of their suppliers and factories, Livid Jeans kept nothing behind.

The documentary about the factory in Portugal that oversees the Livid Jeans ‘Made in Portugal’ collection, is the latest addition to the chain of value and is truly worth looking into. Head over to or simply watch the documentary below to learn more about Livid’s chain of value.