By Robin | June 03, 2017

May’s favorites

May finally brought some sunshine to the cold and cloudy Dutch spring. With all those cold months finally behind us, it was finally time for some beers on a terrace and a BBQ in the park. Last month allowed us to pull our sneakers and tees out of the closet. Some of us even changed their heavyweight jeans for a denim short to continue wearing raw denim without sweating your legs off.

Just like the weather in Holland, the May’s favorites put a smile on our faces. The fades and the creativity is what keeps attracting us to Instagram. We hope you will enjoy May’s favorites..


5. @mchdirfan 

Nicely faded jeans from Indonesia isn’t something new. But although they keep coming, we can’t get used to it. These two heavy faded pair of jeans are both made and worn in Indonesia and this explains why raw denim is so popular over there. The left pair is made by Oldblue Co. and the pair of jeans on the right is made by Elhaus.


4. @redhillscompany 

Red Hills Co., a Moscow based leather brand, knows where to put a beautiful leather wallet. This wallet created some really cool back pockets fades on this pair of 18 oz. Teds denim. Besides the fades on the back pockets, the honeycombs are to say the least impressive!


3. @doublehammerdenim 

Double Hammer Co. displays the fade potential of their 22 oz. ‘Kraken’ jeans. This pair of jeans, which will stand solely when new, needs perseverance and patience to break in. But, as you can see on this photo, the result is worth all pain and effort.


2. @swissjeansfreak 

Ruedi a.k.a. The Swissjeansfreak is one of those denimheads who goes the extra mile. Just a regular dose of denim evolution isn’t enough to satisfy their denim addiction. Ruedi started to wear this pair of Iron Heart’s for the Denim World Championship back in 2013, but never stopped wearing it. Now, 998 days later and still unwashed, this pair of jeans is next level faded.


1. @tosarahmadi 

This perfectly faded pair of Iron Heart IH-555-1 is the best liked pictures at Robin Denim in the month of May. Everything about this pair of jeans is so beautiful. The whiskers, the honeycombs and even the back pockets are beautifully faded. This is what motivates us to keep wearing and tearing our jeans!