By Robin | June 06, 2017

Review Indigoskin V-series Lot6 Slim Fit


Brand: Indigoskin
Product name: Vintage Series Lot6 Slim Fit
Materials: 17 oz. unsanforized Japanese Selvedge denim
Made in: Thailand
Price: €207
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General information

Indigoskin is established in 2009 by Tuchawee Sonthirati and is based in Bangkok, Thailand. Inspired by the idea to merge premium denim with traditional Thai art, Tuchawee creates well-crafted high quality jeans. For all jeans, Indigoskin uses premium Japanese selvedge denim, right from Okayama, Japan. From the beginning, Indigoskin worked closely with some major Japanese suppliers, which has become an important part of Indigoskin’s identity. During these years, they’ve created a lot of exclusive denim fabrics for Indigoskin and for every collection Tuchawee try to design a new fabric which will complement the existing items.

Learn more about Indigoskin and read our interview with the owner, Tuchawee Sonthirati.


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The construction of the Indigoskin Vintage Series Lot6 slim fit jeans is very solid and finished with an eye for every detail.

The first to notice is the way the rough and slubby fabric is stitch together. Most of the stitching is done with an orange thread and at the pockets, belt loops and waistband Indigoskin uses a yellow thread to create depth. The yoke is stitch with three threads namely, a gold, a copper and a silver thread.

The inseam and the button fly are finished with an overlock stitch and the back pockets are attached with hidden rivets. The crotch and the button fly are reinforced with bartacks to prevent the seams from tearing and to avoid crotch blowouts. With all those additions, the Vintage Series Lot6 is built to last long and fade beautifully.



Since one of the reasons to found Indigoskin was to merge premium denim with traditional Thai art, many details refer to this heritage.

Pocket bags

The pocket bags are made of a traditionally hand woven fabric from Sakolnakorn, in the east of Thailand. The fabric is dyed with natural indigo and features a beautiful pattern with different shades of blue. Compared to regular cotton pocket bags, this fabric feels softer.

Selvedge ID

The selvedge ID, exclusively created for Indigoskin, features a gold, copper and silver thread. These three colors are the key colors in traditional Thai art. Because the threads are a little shiny, this ID will stand out between the other selvedge ID’s.


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Stitching Yoke

Like the selvedge ID, the yoke stitching also features a gold, copper and silver thread as a reference to traditional Thai art. But unlike the threads used in the selvedge ID these are not shiny at all and thicker to provide the jeans a longer lifetime.

Other details that are worth mentioning:

  • Indigoskin’s logo on the inside of the right back pocket.
  • The buttons display the Thai art design called ‘Kanok’.
  • The buttons as well as the copper rivets are produced by YKK Japan.
  • The leather patch is made from Toshiki leather from Japan.



The fabric of the jeans is made by Collect Co. in Okayama, Japan. This mill is known to be one of the best mills on earth and is the denim provider to many major denim brands. The construction of the jeans took place at one of the best denim manufactories in Thailand.

From Indigoskin’s first collection, this factory is responsible for the manufacturing of the collections. For the Vintage Series, including this pair of jeans, Indigoskin uses vintages machines to construct the jeans. With machines, such as a Union Special and a Singer, Indigoskin creates a vintage atmosphere.


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This pair of jeans is made of 17 oz. unsanforized Japanese selvedge denim, exclusively woven for Indigoskin. The fabric is made from American cotton and woven with a low tension to create a slubby and irregular construction. Despite the rough and heavy fabric, it will mold to your legs and will become comfortable due to the type of cotton and low tension weft.



The Indigoskin Vintage Series Lot6 slim fit jeans is made of an unsanforized fabric, which means that you have to soak the jeans before you start wearing it. During this first soak the jeans will shrink, so it is important to buy an unsanforized pair of jeans oversized. The extra space will allow the fabric to shrink naturally and mold perfectly to your legs when you start wearing it, and after its first wash still maintain a wearable size.

Read more about unsanforized denim here and check our Soak Guide.

Any additional wash & care instructions from Tuchawee himself; ‘Rock them hard, that is what jeans made for. Give them a wash when you want too.. There are no rules for your denim’.


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The Vintage Series Lot6 Slim Fit is a jeans which really stands out because of the following reasons..

The construction of the jeans is very solid and finished without cutting corners. With some additions, for example the extra bartacks and the hidden rivets, Indigoskin increased the lifetime of this pair of jeans.

The materials used for this pair of jeans are of formidable. The Japanese selvedge denim, exclusively made for Indigoskin, is of extremely high quality and features a beautiful irregular slub and a cool gold, copper and silver selvedge ID. The buttons and copper rivets are produced by YKK, which is known to be one of world’s best hardware suppliers. Even the leather patch is made from Japanese leather while other leather types are way cheaper.

The details, which refer to traditional Thai art, are subtle yet beautiful and not flashy at all. The risk with combining colorful art with a traditional pair of jeans full of heritage is that it won’t complement each other. Indigoskin is one of the few brands who succeeded to compliment a well-crafted and high-quality pair of jeans with traditional Asian art which fit into the current denim market. Although we like jeans to be as clean as possible, we think it are the details that make this pair of jeans even more beautiful.

The Indigoskin Vintage Series will charm every denim head. The combination of the materials, the details mentioned above and the vintage machines used in the production process results in a pair of jeans which will make our hearts beats faster!