By Robin | August 23, 2017

Nudie Jeans x Robin Denim Wear & Tear Month’4 – Roman

In succession to our interview with Jason which we published last week, this week we will look into Roman’s adventures. At first sight the fades at Roman’s Grim Tim are not as impressive as Jason’s fades. His pair of jeans is still very dark blue, except the crotch. Below, Roman will answer the same questions and he revealed some very specific details about his wild Amsterdam Blogger life.


Wear & Tear Month’4 – Roman


  1. We are four months into the Wear & Tear contest, how many days have you worn the jeans?

I try wearing the jeans at least four times a week. When it’s really hot I should wear shorts though… Otherwise I’ll pass out.


  1. How do you like the Grim Tim? Does it meet your expectations?

The jeans actually fade a lot quicker than I thought. I spend quite some time on cycling, so the fabric around my crotch is already much lighter than the rest of the jeans. I did fall a couple of times when I was drunk… but no holes or whatsoever consequently so they passed the test.


  1. Lots of things can happen in four months… What kind of adventures have you already had, together with your Grim Tim?

Like I said, it already witnessed some memorable nights and felt the concrete just like my head and elbows :). And it had a couple of beer showers… My Grim Tim took it like a man.


Wear & Tear Month’4 – Roman


  1. Have you already cleaned the jeans? If so, why? And how did you do it?

I spilled a full cup of coffee over the jeans on a Monday morning… I soaked it in the shower and put it in the washing machine in order to be centrifuged. It came out alright, fortunately!


  1. At the start of the contest we asked you about your chances to win this contest. We have been working on it for four months now, what are the odds to win this contest?

I have to admit that I don’t think I’ll be first and win if I keep wearing it like I am doing now. But no worries, I am just going to drink some more in order to slide down the streets right after.


Wear & Tear Contest - Roman, month'4