By Robin | August 31, 2017

Nudie Jeans x Robin Denim Wear & Tear Month’4 – Teun

We have known Teun as a denim head who really likes wearing his pair of jeans to its limit. Teun is one of those guys who loves every stage of the evolution. From the crispy feeling of a new pair of jeans to the moment the jeans start falling apart. In the past Teun has been wearing many pairs of jeans from different (mainly Japanese) brands. So, we are highly interested in his findings about the Nudie Jeans Grim Tim. By answering the five questions we have put together, Teun will highlight some adventures during the four months of wearing the Grim Tim and will share his findings about the Grim Tim.


Wear & Tear Month’4 – Teun


  1. We are four months into the Wear & Tear contest, how many days have you worn the jeans?

So, initially I said I would (at least try to) go the full 365 days… But then, some crazy Dutch summer days occurred and I couldn’t bear wearing my jeans in the 35 degrees celcius weather… Hahaha, so there’ve been five days like this so far, on which I unfortunately haven’t been able to wear them! Other than that, I’ve been wearing them every day up until now!


  1. How do you like the Grim Tim? Does it meet your expectations?

I’m really into this pair of jeans! The Nudie fits are always on point, and it definitely shows with the Grim Tim! The Kaihara fabric is really awesome and it shows such an amazing electric blue color evolution on all the guys’ pairs! What I love about the fabric is the durability. There is still a pretty dark indigo color to be seen on my pair, even though the faded parts are already showing a really nice worn in white color and epic blue sheen. The crotch area is also going really strong, not a blow-out in sight yet! Like I said, I really love this pair of jeans, I’m really impressed with them and I think it has got a lot of potential for everyone who enjoys a heavy contrast in their faded pair of jeans.


  1. Lots of things can happen in four months… What kind of adventures have you already had, together with your Grim Tim?

Yeah, the last four months I’ve been into lots of different things… I’ve taken them to Spain twice now, walked all around Madrid and went hiking in La Granja de San Ildefonso (really beautiful, a must go for everyone!!); attended a bachelor party and a wedding in them; I’ve been wearing them in the office at work, and I have also been doing a lot of manual labour in them; Been sweating my ass off during band-practice every week…. And, obviously I went cycling in them like a 1000 times hahaha!


Wear & Tear Month’4 – Teun


  1. Have you already cleaned the jeans? If so, why? And how did you do it?

Nope, not being washed so far! I’ve really been contemplating about when to give them the first machine wash and I am not really sure yet… I will probably try to wear them as long as I can. Usually I end up washing them around the 4th or 5th month… I do hang them out a lot though, to give them some fresh air and the occasional sunshine. Of course, I’ve had some slight accidents already, I’m generally too clumsy to avoid these… haha, but nothing too serious, fortunately.


  1. At the start of the contest we asked you about your chances to win this contest. We have been working on it for four months now, what are the odds to win this contest?

Still not sure who’s going to win, but I am fine with everything! I love seeing the other guys’ results and I’m really loving what they have achieved so far! To me this shows the awesomeness that is pure raw denim evolution. All wearing the same pair, all getting such different results… Just wanna say to the other guys: Go for it and may the best fades win!