By Robin | September 28, 2017


One month ago, the Contest Jeans for the BENZAK x CULTIZM x ROBIN DENIM was selling out fast! We are very grateful for the support and enthusiasm and we have some great news: the production is finished and on the way from Porto to Amsterdam. We are going to do a personal quality control ourselves, before they will be send all over the world!

Today, a month before the actual start of the contest, it is time for us to set some ground rules, just to make it a fair game! Of course, the contest is all about the fades, but there is more! While the fades are the decisive factor to win the contest, creativity, involvement and photography will also be rewarded. So, the winner of the €1.000 store credits at CULTIZM needs to develop the most incredible fades while creating cool content at least once a month.

To manage the contest and to give everyone a fair chance of winning the contest, we created 5 basic rules; please read them carefully.


Fading contest



  1. The contest starts at November 1st, do not wear it before that time, with the exception of trying on. On November 1st please make a picture of the jeans next to a newspaper, showing the date to prove that the jeans are new and unworn. Please keep all tags attached to the jeans for this picture.
  2. Any form of artificial fading is strictly prohibited (like using sandpaper or bleach to speed up the progress).
  3. Any normal form of normal cleaning, such as handwashing, machine washing and dry cleaning and soaking, is allowed.
  4. Participants are only allowed to wear the jeans themselves. Sharing the contest jeans is not allowed.
  5. Participants should post at least one picture a month on their Instagram account. Please make use of the hashtag #benzakcontest, so we can easily find your updates.

As long as you follow these rules, you may go as you like. Do your daily chores in them, but you are also allowed to sleep in your jeans, swim in them, wear them while skiing, or when you hit the sauna.

Even better, go on a trip to the dessert, go wrestle with a ferocious lion, and when you have to run for your life with nothing wearing but your jeans, do a triple back flip while cliff diving of Africa’s largest waterfall. This is definitely allowed and we would love to see the fading results!


Fading Contest



A jury of three members will decide the winners of the contest:

Lennaert Nijgh (Benzak Denim Developers)
Dejan Milenkovic (CULTIZM)
Robin Meijerink (Robin Denim)

On the 31th of October 2018, we require all participants to send us a picture of the front and back of the jeans as a final submission. Based on the fades we will select the best 10 and announce these on the 7th of November.

Then, we will also take in consideration the involvement, creativity and photography throughout the year, and announce our final top 3, and with that the winners of the BENZAK x CULTIZM x ROBIN DENIM fading contest, on the 14th of November 2018.


Guys, this was all for now. In the upcoming weeks, we will deliver the Contest Jeans right to the doorstep of all participants. In the meantime, we will also create a special contest page on Robin Denim to feature the best pictures during the contest. Do you still have any questions? Please send an email to or and we will help you out.


Fading Contest