By Robin | September 25, 2017

One year in – Interview with King Yuyiu

When we first started on Instagram, we saw an amazing overview of a 23 oz. LEE 101Z that basically went viral at that time. This specific pair of jeans has been worn for over 3.5 years and ‘time’ and ‘wear’ created some mouthwatering fades! We decided to reach out to the man with the magic legs and we’ve been in close contact with King ever since!

In the past months, we have been following King’s new project; the 19 oz. LEE 101Z. With the evolution of his former pair in mind, we decided to follow his new project on foot and report on the progress every month. Today, one year after the start of King’s new project, we would like to know all about his expectations… So, on this very special occasion, we sent King an interview about all his findings concerning the 19 oz. LEE 101Z.

King is ready for round 2, and so are we. Follow @kingyuyiu to follow his magical evolution but first, read his thoughts on his first year of wearing the 19 oz. LEE 101Z.


One year in


Robin Denim: How do you like the 19 oz. version of the LEE 101Z? Does it meet your expectations?

King Yuyiu: Kuroki’s 19oz is beautiful – and yes, very much so – at this point the fabrication has softened up far much more than the 23oz (which is quite a relief on one level!) The green cast is really starting to develop and with the degrade effect on the worn areas, it gives a lovely blend of indigo shades. Still, there is plenty of progress to see nonetheless…


Robin Denim: You just hit the one-year mark with the 19 oz. LEE 101Z, what are your thoughts about the jeans?

King Yuyiu: As expected, the crotch blow out happened near the end of year 1, after wearing it daily, and a repair was in order. The ever-growing famous “unused” buttonhole waistband is still untouched! Perhaps the threads can be loosened by hammering them…overall a very strong pair of LEE jeans, of course I did not expect anything less.


Robin Denim: What are the major differences between this pair of jeans and the 23 oz. version you have worn before?

King Yuyiu: The general fading of the fabrication has developed much further – as I’ve previously mentioned, heavier fabric seems to take more time to break in but as this is slightly lighter fabric, the cotton base will eventually break quicker. (And no bruising down the side of my legs either…!)


One Year in


Robin Denim: Have you already cleaned or repaired the jeans? If so, why? And how did you do it?

King Yuyiu: YES! Crotch blowout repaired and ready for more rock n rolling…and NO! the “no wash” is a strict policy…


Robin Denim: At the start of this new project, you told us you were planning to wear this pair of jeans as long as the 23 oz. version. Are you still planning to hit the 3.5 years of wear?

King Yuyiu: So far it’s all going according to plan! Minimum at least until it is three/four shades lighter…let’s play it by ear as I’m now commuting to work by bicycle, perhaps it’ll wear in quicker!