By Robin | October 23, 2017

Nudie Jeans; ‘Amsterdam, It’s official’

After its home town Göteborg, and cities such as New York, Berlin, and Osaka, it’s finally Amsterdam’s turn to open a Nudie Jeans Repair Shop. Leaving no stone unturned in the search for the perfect spot, Nudie Jeans succeeded in finding a big historical building right in the heart of the ‘Nine Street’ district. On Wednesday, October 25th, Nudie Jeans will open their first store in Amsterdam that will represent everything Nudie Jeans stands for.

Nudie Jeans is one of the trendsetters when it comes to sustainable and social responsible denim. All jeans in their collection are made of organic cotton, under good circumstances and by paying fair wages. Nudie Jeans is very transparent about their production processes and on their website you can find all the information you need to know.

Of course, within their philosophy of sustainability, raw denim is an important element. By wearing a pair of jeans as long as possible and by washing it only when absolutely necessary, you not only buy fewer jeans, you also use a lot less water. To encourage this philosophy, Nudie Jeans offers lifelong free repairs on all their jeans. And, when the jeans cannot be repaired, Nudie Jeans will take it back for recycling or give it a second life by adding it to their second-hand collection.


Nudie Jeans Amsterdam


Nudie Jeans Repair Shop 

The store will be located at the corner of the Hartenstraat, in the middle of one of the most popular districts of Amsterdam and covers 125 square meters. Just like all Nudie Jeans Repair Shops, the interior is designed by their in-house design studio, so it will definitely breathe the Nudie Jeans atmosphere. With this new store, which features two different entrances, Nudie Jeans finally managed to create a store in the Netherlands that fits their status, ambition and, of course, their large collection.

Apart from the collection, the store features a repair station and even a second-hand department, meaning that they managed to make everything come together under the same roof. And, just like in every other collection, raw denim will find itself in the spotlight. As to the store staff, Nudie Jeans picked some of the most experienced and passionate denim heads available to make sure you select the best pair of jeans.

Already planning a trip to Amsterdam? Definitely put the Nudie Jeans Repair Shop on the ‘to go list’! Even when you’re not in a desperate need of a new pair of dry’s, the Amsterdam Nudie Jeans Repair Shop is definitely worth paying a visit.


Nudie Jeans Amsterdam

Nudie Jeans Amsterdam