By Robin | November 08, 2017

Meet the Maker – Naked & Famous 

Naked & Famous finds its origin in Montreal, Canada, and was established in 2008 by Brandon Svarc. Brandon was born and raised in a family that has close to sixty years of experience in manufacturing all sorts of workwear. Even though Brandon is also the owner of the Unbranded Brand and Paulrose Products, we will dedicate this episode of ‘Meet the Maker’ entirely to Naked & famous.

The brand name, Naked & Famous, is a satire that originated out of the current celeb-obsessed culture. It stands as an opposition against brands that sell jeans for €300, only because they are endorsed by celebrities and not because of their high quality. Instead of spending crazy amounts of money on expensive marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements, Naked & Famous devotes almost all of its assets to sourcing and creating new incredible denim fabrics.


Naked & Famous
Photo courtesy of Naked & Famous 


The Collection

Naked & Famous is known for their drive to create extraordinary jeans using high-quality fabrics, while still being reasonably priced. Throughout the years, Naked & Famous released several absolute neck-twisters making use of their ‘Glow in the dark’ denim, the ‘Scratch-n-Sniff Mint’ denim (to avoid a bad smell after wearing), and their ‘Rainbow Core’ fabric. Probably their most famous fabric is the super heavyweight 32 oz. denim, which is still unrivalled as the heaviest denim fabric in the world.

Apart from those extraordinary fabrics, Naked & Famous also releases fabrics that will make every denim head’s heart beat faster. By offering a wide collection in sense of fabrics and fits, Naked & Famous is able to meet everyone’s wishes. From bestsellers like the Elephant and the Okayama Spirit series, Naked & Famous releases a new version every year.

The extensive collection of Naked & Famous is divided into the ‘Core Essentials’, the Seasonal collection, and the ‘Made in Japan’ concept. The ‘Core Essentials’ are timeless and can be purchased throughout the year. Including jeans, basic sweats, and tees, these essentials are the basis for every man’s closet. Different from the ‘Core Essentials’, the seasonal collection, like for example the SS18, consists of more outspoken designs and colors that are subjected to change every season.

Aside from these two collections, Naked & Famous also offers their ‘Made in Japan’ line, containing limited edition items made exclusively in Japan. These items are designed with much emphasis on details and craftsmanship and constructed with the utmost care. On average, items created for the ‘Made in Japan’ line are limited to circa 300 pairs.


Naked & Famous Photo courtesy of Naked & Famous 


Fabric & Construction

All of the fabric used by Naked & Famous is woven exclusively in Japan. The reason to only make use of Japanese denim lies in the fact that the Japanese are just as obsessed with denim as the Naked & Famous team. On their website, Naked & Famous explains their choice for Japanese denim as follows; ‘Japanese fabric has more character, is of higher quality, and has way more soul than modern mass-produced denim, and as a result, it ages and fades beautifully with wear and wash.’ Alongside several Japanese denim mills, Naked & Famous will continue to develop new fabrics in order to keep their collection unique and surprising.

After the fabric is woven, it is shipped to Canada and manufactured into garments. All of their products are cut, made, and sewn in a factory that is run by the family of Brandon Svarc for decades. Brandon’s family has been manufacturing clothing for over sixty years, so if there is one thing you can be sure of, is that there’s absolutely no lack of experience. The garments of Naked & Famous are proudly created with local expertise and vintage machines from the 50s and 60s.


Naked & FamousPhoto courtesy of Naked & Famous 


Naked & Famous isn’t your average denim brand, and truth be told, they will never be just average. Instead of focusing solely on heritage, they are 100% dedicated to inventing new fabrics that are unique, refreshing, and outspoken. Whether agree with their vision or not, you have to admit that Naked & Famous is a brand that truly stands out. Head over to their web store to see the current collection for yourself.


Naked & Famous Photo courtesy of Tate + Yoko.