By Robin | November 06, 2017

October’s Favorites

Now that October has passed, the wait is finally over. On the 1st of November, the long-awaited BENZAK x CULTIZM x ROBIN DENIM fading contest finally began. Fifty guys from all over the world started to wear the Contest Jeans on the exact same day. On Robin Denim we will highlight the greatest fades and display the most remarkable photos, so make sure to keep an eye on our updates!

Last week we disclosed our final surprise concerning the fading contest. From December 1st onwards, Ruedi Karrer, a.k.a. @swissjeansfreak, will every month select his favorite picture out of #benzakcontest. Ruedi will transfer his limitless knowledge and his passion for denim into an objective opinion, and he will select just one picture every month. Of course, he will also explain, in his personal world-famous denim language, why he chose that specific photo.

Last month we conducted interviews with two amazing guys from Amsterdam, who both shared their fascinating stories with us. One of them is Menno Meurs, the founder and owner of one of the world’s best denim stores, Tenue de Nîmes. We spoke with Menno about their own denim label and the production process and you can find the article here.

Another remarkable person we interviewed is Leon Blok, founder of LEBL Studios. Leon is a well-skilled tailor, offering bespoke denim that is perfectly attuned to his customers wishes. Apart from his incredible skills, he is a very friendly and open-minded guy. Our interview with Leon will come up soon, but you can already read our ‘Meet the Maker’ article of LEBL Studios.

Okay, we said enough… It’s time to present to you the October’s favorites. Scrolling down will help you to get your daily fix and we promise to keep our mouth shut and let the fades do the talking.


5. @saevulanwr

October's Favorites


4. @honkonlong

October's Favorites


3. @frispy

October's Favorites


2. @nudiejeans

October's Favorites


1. @tong_tongtong


October's Favorites