By Robin | December 04, 2017

AMSTERDAM 191117 – Part 1

Over the years, popular people on Instagram became known as ‘influencers’. However, when the word ‘influencer’ started to became a synonym for an arrogant and annoying person, those popular people evolved themselves into ‘content creators’. But when you aren’t a hero in creating content and still want to go with the flow, you have to surround yourself with naturally born content creators. Therefore, we teamed up with the well-respected photographer Hans Jellema, who is, in fact, a good friend of ours.

Together, we walked through the picturesque capital of the Netherlands looking for cool spots. During the day, with sun and rain, and, food and drinks, we had loads of fun! But most importantly, we created lots of cool content, perfectly suitable for the outfits we carried.

Today, in part 1, we will feature the first batch of these photos. We want to specifically thank the brands who made this shoot possible, and, after checking out the photos, make sure to pay these brands a visit!

Momotaro Jeans // Japan Blue Jeans // Denim.lab // Hawksmill // Tossijn


Photo shoot AmsterdamJeans Hawksmill // Jacket Japan Blue Jeans // Shirt Denim.lab

Photo shoot AmsterdamJeans Tossijn

Photo shoot AmsterdamShirt Denim.lab   //Jeans Hawksmill  // Shoes Unmarked

Photo shoot AmsterdamJeans Hawksmill // Jacket Japan Blue Jeans // Shirt Denim.lab

Photo shoot AmsterdamShirt Denim.lab   //Jeans Hawksmill

Photo shoot AmsterdamJeans Hawksmill  // Shoes Unmarked

Photo shoot AmsterdamJacket Japan Blue Jeans // Shirt Denim.lab // Jeans Tossijn

Photo shoot AmsterdamJacket Japan Blue Jeans // Shirt Denim.lab // Jeans Hawksmill

Photo shoot AmsterdamJeans Hawksmill

Photo shoot AmsterdamJeans Tossijn // Shirt Denim.lab

Photo shoot AmsterdamJacket Japan Blue Jeans // Shirt Denim.lab // Jeans Tossijn