By Robin | January 08, 2018

5 books about denim

That denim is more than just an ordinary fabric, isn’t something new. Denim is magical, mysterious, alive, and it is one of the most popular fabrics for the past few decades. It is entwined with street-culture on almost every continent and has a place in many of our societal layers.

As a result of the undiminished popularity of denim, much is written about this specific fabric. We will dedicate this article to five great books about denim written in the last few years. These books will drag you into the mysteries of denim and will spark your, already fiercely burning, denim hearts.


The 501 XX – a collection of vintage jeans

In 501 xx, the author, Yutaka Fujihara, will take us alongside the history of the 501 series made by Levi Strauss Co. By displaying beautiful examples of worn-in vintage pieces, the book will guide you through different eras of the 501 XX. All pairs, presented in the book, are in the hands of Japanese vintage denim collectors, amongst which the author himself.

The book is divided into four eras’, starting in the 1890’s, and will feature and describe all signatures and details characteristic for every period. By displaying 51 unique and high-sought after pieces, you will see the evolution of the most iconic series of jeans in history. With full front and back shots, and detail photos of rivets, patches and pockets, this book is a homage to the history of jeans, and more specifically, to the 501 XX of Levi’s.

All denim heads with interest in the history of denim would love this publication. Head over to Beyond Japan, and pick up a copy for yourself.


5 books about denim


Blue Blooded

Blue Blooded is written by two denim wales named Thomas Stege Bojer and Josh Sims. Both guys have years of experience in the denim scene, and, with writing about denim. Blue Blooded starts with an introduction about denim by explaining facts that every denim heads should know about. Further on, the authors are continuing by diving into subjects like, ‘How denim is made’, ‘How jeans are made, ‘Buying and wearing jeans’, and, ‘Our indigo heritage’.

Entwined with those subjects, Blue Blooded profiled several denim brands throughout the book. It will introduce traditional brands, reveals secrets, and explains mysteries.
Those exclusive profiles of designers, makers and brands who are making the denim scene as it is today, are fascinating. It will tell values, believes and missions of brands like for example, Livid Jeans, Indigofera, and Iron Heart.

Most likely, it isn’t the first time you have heard about Blue Blooded. It is, with good reason, one of the most popular books about denim that is written in recent years. Head over to Gestalten, to get your copy.


5 books about denim


Book of Denim

‘Write about a village, that way your stories will become universal’, with this quote of the Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Amsterdam based publisher CODE sets the tone for the Book of Denim. By telling stories and creating an atmosphere, the book of denim will take you on a journey to far away countries and into the depths of this fascinating fabric.

The Book of Denim is more than just an amount of facts about denim; it is telling stories about people dedicating their lives to denim. It will take you from the mountains of Colombia to villages in Morocco, and of course, to Amsterdam, the city that breaths denim. Alongside great stories, the Book of Denim features interview with, amongst others, Andrew Olah, founder of Kingpins, and Mariette Hoitink, co-founder of the first Jean school in the world.

Book of Denim sets an atmosphere that will grab you from the first page and will keep it to the last. Book of Denim Volume 2 will be released in April, and we are genuinely looking forward to it. With the first edition on its way, head over to the Book of Denim web store and get a copy!


5 books about denim


Denim Dudes

In ‘Denim Dudes’, Amy Leverton will explore the latest denim styles on the streets. By portraying over 80 professionals of the denim scene, Denim Dudes will show the versatility of denim. Key players in the current denim business like Adriano Goldschmied, Katsu Manabe and Alberto Candiani are reviewed, and these masters are making Denim Dudes highly recommendable.

Amy travelled all over the world portraying those denim heads and capturing them in their natural habitat. Every person will explain their love for denim, vintage, street style and workwear. With beautiful shots of outfits and close-ups, Amy will hold your attention until the last page.

Denim Dudes has already been out there for three years and was featured by leading press media like the Wall Street Journal, the Telegraph, and Hypebeast. We enjoyed reading Denim Dudes, and we are waiting full of expectation to Amy’s next book, ‘Denim Dudettes’. Denim Dudettes will feature ladies in the denim industry and will be released in 2018.


5 books about denim


Raw Bible

Raw Bible is a homage to makers and crafters who are dedicating their ambitions to the authenticity of craft traditions. By featuring authentic brands, this book is reflecting exceptional craftsmanship, and products made of fairly-sourced materials and sustainable quality.

Melville Brand Design’s team, responsible for the entire process, presents a carefully selected collection of 101 brands, all having the same love for uncompromising quality and authenticity. Varying from favourite Japanese denim brands to German bike engineers, the Raw Bible doesn’t commit it selves to denim only. It features craftsmen traditions, timeless style, and products that will last.

Unfortunately, the Raw Bible is already out of stock. But, I am sure you can borrow it from a fellow denim head.


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