By Robin | January 15, 2018

Companion Denim re-released the Type III Overdyed Natural Indigo Jacket

As of today, Companion Denim re-released their prevalent Type III Overdyed Natural Indigo denim jacket. Initially, the jacket was to be released last summer but was already sold out before it even hit their web store.

Companion Denim was founded in 2013 by Iu Franquesa in Sabadell, a town in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Over the years, the collection has steadily grown from just one pair of jeans, in one fit, into a wide selection of jeans, jackets, and leather accessories. Furthermore, by adding a custom jeans section to the website, people can design their new pair of jeans. With over 80 different selvedge fabrics and many options, Companion Denim is offering over 4 million possibilities to its customers.

As a result of the growth, Companion Denim now exists of a team of six people, doing whatever they can to make the best jeans. This year, they will move to a bigger workshop which will allow them to increase their production capacity enormously. The Type III Overdyed Natural Indigo denim jacket that will be released today is their latest chapter in their success story.


Companion Denim


Type III Overdyed Natural Indigo Jacket

The jacket is their take on the popular type III denim jacket and is slightly adjusted to a slim fit. By changing the way of constructing of the waist pockets, they can be used from both the inside as the outside. This clever modification results in seven pockets, which is truly unique for a denim jacket. The chest pockets are embroidered with Companion Denim’s ‘Nerve embroidery’ signature stitches. Furthermore, the jacket features matt black branded hardware, and the buttons are backed with leather rings, cut from the same leather as the leather patch on the back.

The jacket comes in a 14 oz. deep blue ‘neppy’ selvedge denim fabric, sourced at one of the leading Turkish denim mills. It features a yellow selvedge ID and has a great fading potential.

When the fabric is shipped to Spain, it is constructed at Companion Denim’s workshop. Once the jacket is sewn together, the garment is dyed with natural indigo in a dyeing house. ‘The overdye’ results in beautiful deep blue shades on both the in- and outside.


Companion Denim


Companion Denim’s Overdyed Natural Indigo Denim Jacket is beautifully constructed of fabric that is truly special. The fabric has a soft feel and fits perfectly and comfortably right from the first wear. This outstanding denim jacket is available through the Companion Denim web store and comes at a price of €350.



  • Companion Denim Overdyed Natural Indigo Jacket
  • Slim fit
  • Seven pockets – four on the outside, three on the inside
  • 14 oz. sanforized Turkish selvedge denim
  • Overdyed with natural indigo
  • Yellow selvedge ID
  • Signature ‘Nerve Embroidery’ on the chest pockets
  • Black branded hardware
  • Buttons are strengthened with leather rings
  • Vegetable tanned leather patch


Companion Denim

Companion Denim

Companion Denim