By Robin | March 09, 2018

February’s favorites

After months of cold, dark, and short days, the weather is finally getting better. The days will become longer, and the temperature is slowly rising to a bearable level. Soon, spring will officially arrive, meaning that it is time to start selecting the spring essentials for 2018.

On Robin Denim we’ve been posting some interesting articles in February. Two of them, we would like to bring specifically to your attention. If you missed one, we recommend you to click the links.

First, the review of Ullac’s pattern017 type 2 denim jacket, is enjoyable and exciting to read. The jacket comes at a price of €135, is made of high-quality materials, and is manufactured in a small atelier in Italy. So, if you are orientating on a new denim jacket then read the review here.

Another article that we highly recommend is the article about five pairs of durable leather boots. For this article, we have been selecting five cool and popular boot brands, who are making high-quality pairs only. The combination of the aesthetics, high-quality materials, and the make, is resulting in irresistible boots, suitable for (almost) every occasion. Are you curious about which boots we have featured? Swing by at the ‘5 pairs of boots for the extra mile’ article.

So, with that said, the only thing that remains is the announcement of the top 5 of February’s favorites. Please enjoy the awesome denim evolution, and… stay in touch!


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