By Robin | May 30, 2018

Merz B. Schwanen x Blue Print Amsterdam – Made in Germany, Dyed in the Netherlands

What happens when two strong forces of different worlds come together and bundle their strengths? It is true; it almost sounds like the introduction to a new Sci-Fi movie. However, this is not the case. Because last week, this question was answered by Merz B. Schwanen and Blue Print Amsterdam when they suddenly ‘dropped’ an out-of-this-world collaboration! From today onwards you can lay your hands on barely dried up, indigo dyed, traditionally woven Henleys and Crew Neck Tees. Merz B. Schwanen x Blue Print Amsterdam. Or, to put it in other words, pure organic cotton hand-dyed in 100% natural indigo.


Merz B Schwanen


About the brands

Merz B. Schwanen’s history reaches back to 1911, the year in which the brand was founded in the mesmerizing Swabian Alps, Germany. In 2010, Peter Plotnicki revived the brand, driven by his love for traditional processes, and natural materials. The production process takes place entirely in Germany and is inspired by original garments, ranging from the fashion icons in the ‘roaring twenties’ to the army shirts of the sixties. The designs and constructions are based on iconic pieces from the past and solely woven on authentic loop wheelers.

Blue Print, on the other hand, is a hidden sanctuary. A place where indigo is worshipped by dipping pretty much everything in its magical deep-blue waters. With two ateliers in Amsterdam, Blue Print has the capability and the knowledge to facilitate groundbreaking projects. Under the supervision of Celia, the Indigo Queen of the Lowlands, Blue Print had already undertaken several fascinating collaborations with ‘big players’ such as Levi’s and Tenue de Nîmes. With their newly launched partnership with Merz B. Schwanen, they add a new exciting chapter to their ongoing story of success.


Merz B SchwanenPhoto @koenkuik


Pure organic cotton x natural indigo

For this collaboration, Merz B. Schwanen selected their bestselling Henleys, and Crew Neck T-shirts to become even more special. The garments are made on traditional loop wheelers, and due to circular knitting, they have no side seams, providing maximum comfort. By using 100% cotton, and a production process which is entirely free of chemical additives, the garments are comfortable, sturdy, and gentle to the skin.

The final garments were sent to Blue Print’s atelier in Amsterdam for a special treatment. Following Blue Prints authentic and traditional methods, the high-quality garments were enriched with natural shades of indigo colorant. By hand-dyeing with top-notch natural indigo, every garment becomes a genuine, one-of-a-kind piece with its very own color gradient. By using natural indigo, all of the garments stay entirely eco-friendly, and, to wrap up this section, a memorable quote of Merz B. Schwanen: “You sure won’t ‘feel blue’ with this indigo-dyed Henley.”


Merz B SchwanenPhoto @koenkuik


Visiting Blue Print Amsterdam

To celebrate the collaboration, Merz B. Schwanen and Blue Print invited us to dye a couple of Henleys ourselves in their atelier in Amsterdam. After being introduced to the superb team behind Blue Print, Celia gracefully explained to us all the ins-and-outs of indigo (dyeing). During the explanation, she even dyed a Henley to make her story more visual.

After the introduction, it was our time to shine. By dipping a snow-white Henley in a fresh barrel of natural indigo, we suddenly became part of this magical transformation. Especially the oxidation process is impressive. After leaving the garment in the indigo for about one minute, it came out of the barrel green. But, when the shirt was exposed to oxygen, it slowly changed colors and eventually turned blue.

After the shirts where dyed, we were joking about what would happen if we would put our heads into the indigo barrel. But, thank God all we did was making jokes about it because it took two weeks (literally) before our hands were free of indigo! Thanks, Merz B. Schwanen and Blue Print Amsterdam for the unforgettable experience!


Merz B Schwanen