By Robin | August 15, 2018

In the spotlight – Hellequino’s 13 oz. jacket  

Hellequino got onto our radar by their unique designs and in the last few weeks, we wrote several articles about them. If you want to know more about the origin of Hellequino, follow this link. Another great read is our interview with Gabriele, who is the founder of Hellequino, and an expert in making garments. Today, we will take a closer look at one specific, and probably their most eye-catching item, Hellequino’s 13 oz. jacket.


Photo courtesy of  Koen Kuik and Robin Denim.


The design of the jacket is an immediate eye-catcher. Hellequino did a great job in combining high-end Italian fashion with denim. This jacket is well-designed, and nothing like any other jacket we have looked at in the past. But, it is not only the design that stands out, the deadstock Japanese denim used for this piece is at least as important. The unsanforized fabric comes at the weight of 13 oz. and is woven at Kurabo Mills, one of Japans most valued mills. It is made of 100% cotton and features a thick and striking golden selvedge which can be found on the back of the jacket. The fabric is rather robust and a bit stiff but quite easy to wear from day one.
The jacket is stitched with a contrasting ecru colored yarn that accentuates the cut. Further, it features all classic Hellequino details such as sterling silver buttons, two front pockets, and a 100% cotton lining, which makes the jacket even more comfortable.

Seriously, Hellequino’s 13 oz. denim jacket is an eye-catching, high-quality and unique design. It can be worn on every occasion and is especially suitable for more formal matters. The jacket is available in size S-XL, and comes at the price of €285 including free shipping.

Because the jacket is made of a deadstock fabric, it is extremely limited. Once the stock is finished, it cannot be restocked. So, if you have your eye on this jacket, head over to Hellequino’s web store to make sure you are one of the lucky few that get’s to own and wear this jacket!

 HellequinoPhoto courtesy of  Koen Kuik and Robin Denim.