By Robin | January 06, 2019

Hellequino – Latest drop

Hellequino grabbed our attention with their unique and outspoken designs and their self-assurance in developing new styles. Their first collection was flying off the shelf and is, except for a few items, completely sold out. With their latest release, Hellequino proves that they are not just a one-day fly, but that they are building a brand to take seriously.

Hellequino can be categorized as a ‘slow fashion’ brand, focusing on small and timeless collections. Since they produce in their factory in Italy, they are not obligated to seasons, or minimal styles or garments. They are just releasing cool items that won’t die at the end of a season. Instead of working under time pressure, the new collection is a result of patiently refining patterns and fittings, and sourcing outstanding Italian selvedge denim fabrics.

The latest drop, existing of two pieces, namely: The Utility jacket and the heavy shirt, is brilliant. The perfect finishing and smart details from the first collection were further developed and birthed two new items. Considering the details, finishing and make, we can honestly say that Hellequino is ready for the second round.


HellequinoPhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.


The Utility Jacket – Selvedge & Fleece Lining

The Utility Jacket is thé denim jacket that will keep you warm this winter. It is made of 11 oz. Italian Selvedge Denim and lined with a 9 oz. fleece lining. The jacket has a slim, minimal and fitted appearance, even though it is featuring a fleece lining. And, although the jacket has a clean appearance, it is having three external, and invisible, pockets, that can be found on the side seams and the left chest of the jacket. Furthermore, the Utility jacket is featuring Hellequino’s signature sterling silver buttons, an internal pocket showing off the red/white selvedge ID, and a fleece lining that is soft a young baby bear.


HellequinoPhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.


The Heavy Shirt – Raw Selvedge Denim

The second item that has recently been released is the Heavy Shirt. It is made of a super cool 9 oz. canvas textured denim fabric, that is made of cotton mixed with hemp. The hemp is causing a very firm feel, but it still feels comfortable from the first wear, you have our word. The Heavy Shirt is featuring a nice white selvedge ID on the internal placket as well as the sterling silver signature buttons. It has three nicely designed pockets, one on the left chest, and two on the sides. The internal seams are beautifully finished with a white bias, and the whole piece is stitched with a contrasting white thread. The shirt can be both worn as a shirt and as a lightweight jacket and will fit in every man’s wardrobe.

The first collection of Hellequino has caused quite a stir. Because it was featuring many outspoken designs, you had to hate it, ór love, it. Hellequino’s second drop is cleaner and more subtle, but it still has the Hellequino-feel. We were impressed by the materials, quality and make, and we are sure it will be commonly embraced.

Head over to to learn more about the sizing of Hellequino’s second drop, or to order directly!


HellequinoPhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.


Photo courtesy of Hellequino.


Photo courtesy of Hellequino.