By Robin | June 19, 2019

Trophy Clothing, superior workmanship

Trophy Clothing is a Japanese denim brand that was founded by Masaki Egawa in 2005. The brand is dedicated to creating modern garments while paying the utmost respect to the heritage of Japanese denim.

Under the slogan ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ the garments of Trophy Clothing are made from high-quality materials with durability and sustainability being paramount. Every step, from pattern cutting to attaching buttons, is done by hand and according to Japanese textile traditions.


Trophy Clothing


Identity & Inspiration

The founder of Trophy Clothing, Mr.  Egawa, is a huge enthusiast of American vintage military clothing and motorcycles. Both started as a fascination but evolved into an important aspect of his life. What both of these passions have in common is their functional beauty, which is what fascinates Mr. Egawa. Unsurprisingly, both motorcycles and vintage military garments have a significant influence on the collections of Trophy Clothing and overall aesthetic of the brand.

Cemented in Trophy Clothing’s identity is their faith in the heritage of Japanese denim manufacturing. Their production processes are handled by seasoned craftsmen who have been skillfully sewing denim, following Japanese traditions, for decades. This traditional old fashioned manufacturing approach combined with contemporary silhouettes is a distinctive feature of the brand.

Trophy Clothing doesn’t follow fashion but aims for timeless garments that will last for many years. Mr. Egawa is particularly considered when it comes to materials and can often be found browsing Japan’s fabric production districts in order to select the latest fabrics for the brand.

All garments are made in Japan with an impeccable attention to detail and constructed from hand picked and high quality components.


Trophy Clothing



One of Trophy Clothing’s signature fabrics is their ‘Dirt Denim’. After many years of trial and error, the brand believe they have developed the holy grail of denim fabrics. Dirt Denim has a very irregular and slubby surface, coming in at a moderate 14.5 oz. It is woven on a vintage Toyoda shuttle loom, under the supervision of seasoned denim makers.

In order to weave the fabric, the brand use thick yarns for both warp and weft, giving the fabric a handmade feel. The yarns have repeatedly been ‘rope dyed’ in indigo, giving the fabric a beautiful deep blue color. It is then woven using low-tension techniques, making the fabric sturdy, yet very soft and comfortable from the first wear.

Maybe it’s the materials, the craftsmanship or the manufacturing process (or a combination of all three!) but we were blown away by the unique texture of Trophy Clothing’s Dirt Denim. With an amazing vintage feel, it’s a truly special offering which has only come to fruition after many years of research and development.


Trophy Clothing


Satisfaction guaranteed

“Our clothes are not complete at purchase; the more they are worn the more they fit their wearer. Our spirit of craftsmanship produces clothes that make history together with their wearer” – Masaki Egawa

Trophy Clothing operate under the motto of ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’. This stems from Mr Egawa’s approach to making classic garments which will get better with age and stand the test of time. Through this approach, the brand is blending Japanese denim traditions, heritage and sustainability, in order to make a garment that is informed and has longevity. Head over to the web store of Trophy Clothing to learn more about the brand and to have a look at their amazing collection.


Trophy Clothing