By Robin | August 01, 2019

Indigoskin x Momotaro re-unite for a 10th anniversary Indigo Collaboration

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Indigoskin is once again bringing back their famous collaboration project with Japanese denim giant Momotaro. After a two year break, this collaboration marks their fifth joint-venture in designing a denim masterpiece. Just like the previous release, the collaboration includes jeans, jackets and shorts. All garments are highly limited and will be made in small numbers, but they are now available for pre-order. Read on to find out more about this special project!




Both Momotaro and Indigoskin are story-telling brands which clearly incorporate culture and heritage into their designs. The battle stripes of Momotaro might be the most obvious example, but did you know that even the name ‘Momotaro’ refers to Japanese folklore?

Indigoskin is known for delivering a perfect blend of Thai art and high-quality Japanese denim. Their jeans include hand-woven fabrics from different parts of Thailand, which they use for pocket linings. Each pair of Indigoskin’s jeans is cut and sewn by their skilled tailors in Thailand and Japan, which results in a refined product with a unique ‘street’ appeal.

For this release, the brands have utilized the story of Momotaro – translating to ‘Peach Boy’ – which is a story about liberation and prosperity. For this upcoming collaboration, the designs will feature a gathering of the main characters from the story of Momotaro’s and some of Thailand’s mythical legends, amongst which is ‘Sudsakorn’. Sudsakorn is wonder boy who is always fighting against the evil. Together with Momotaro they will protect people all over the world from evil monsters through their selvedge denim armour!



The Collaboration

Produced exclusively for this project, an unsanforized 16.5 oz. selvedge denim has been woven by Collect, Japan. The fabric, which has never been used before, is made of American mixed cotton and is dyed with a light pure indigo dye. The warp yarns are dyed a deep dark indigo blue, while the weft yarns are dyed in a much lighter shade of indigo blue. The fabric is woven using a secret weaving technique which utilises vintage shuttle looms. It is then finished with a unique selvedge ID which is a reference to both brands. On one side it features Indigoskin’s signature gold, bronze and silver colors, while the other side shows Momotaro’s infamous pink selvedge.

The garments also feature many details which are unique to this collaboration. For example, the back pockets are marked with both Momotaro’s battle stripes as well as Indigoskin’s ‘Kanok’ logo. For the ‘going to battle’ stripes, the brands developed a vintage twill fabric with a special embroidery which celebrates the 10th birthday of Indigoskin. The back yoke is also lined with a satin fabric dyed in natural indigo and printed with a custom designed anniversary pattern. Last but not least, the garments also feature a vegetable tanned leather back patch which denotes this special occasion.



The details

  • Momotaro x Indigoskin 10th anniversary collaboration.
  • 16.5 oz. unsanforized Japanese selvedge denim.
  • 100% American mixed cotton.
  • Available in 3 fits;
    0701 – Slim tapered fit
    0301 – Tight tapered fit
    0201 – Straight slim fit
  • Mixed Momotaro and Indigoskin buttons.
  • Vintage twill ‘going to battle’ stripes with special embroidery.
  • Triple-needle stitched yoke seam.
  • Unique selvedge ID featuring Momotaro’s pink selvedge combined with Indigoskin’s gold, silver and copper selvedge.
  • Hidden rivets.
  • Indigo-dyed pocket lining with custom designed print.
  • Satin back yoke dyed in natural indigo.
  • Deerskin vegetable tanned leather patch.

While we have focused on the jeans in this article, the collaboration also includes jackets and shorts as mentioned. The jeans are available in three fits and come at the price of €400. The jacket and shorts will be priced respectively at €400 and €190.

All pieces are now available for pre-orders, but unfortunately there isn’t an English page to order from. However, Tuchawee Sonthirati, founder of Indigoskin, has kindly promised to help all overseas customers via Instagram and Facebook. Visit Indigoskin’s website to read more about this unique collaboration between two denim giants.