By Robin | October 29, 2019

ISKO™ Denim Sound Textures at Daimaru Shinsaibashi in Osaka, Japan

ISKO™, one of the world’s leading denim manufacturers, has teamed up once again with the Italian sound designer Chiara Luzzana. The project aims to extract sounds from multiple popular denim fabrics and was initially introduced during the Milan Design Week. More recently the project travelled to Osaka to celebrate the re- opening of Daimaru Shinsaibashi, one of the most prestigious department stores in Japan. We had the pleasure of travelling to Japan to see and hear the installation!


ISKO Denim

ISKO™ is part of the SANKO Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the world, and is one of the leading denim manufacturers. With 2000 high-tech automated looms, they are delivering fabrics to most of the world’s major (denim) brands. With a production capacity of 300 million meters of fabric a year, and offices in 35 countries, ISKO™ has a substantial contribution to the most popular fashion statement and the fabric we love the most.

Over the years, ISKO™ has become a noteworthy point of reference in the world of denim. Being the first denim producer to be recognized with EU Ecolabel certifications, they are one of the frontrunners focused on sustainability in the denim industry. Firmly rooted in ISKO™’s philosophy is their mission to integrate advance technology and innovations into their production processes as well as into their fabrics. Their willingness to adapt to different markets and strive to innovate really puts them ahead in the industry.


Photo courtesy of Koen Kuik.


7 denim technologies + 7 brands + 7 sound samples

The concept of extracting sounds from denim was introduced by Fabio Di Liberto, Strategic Relations Advisor of ISKO™ and the renowned Italian sound artist Chiara Luzzana. Together they wanted to create something the world had never seen (or heard) and they came up with the pioneering idea to make denim sing. Fabio and Chiara worked together in order to turn the idea into a reality, and the two embarked on a denim journey.

Following the success of the launch during the Milan Design Week , ISKO™ brought the Denim Sound Textures project to Osaka. For the Japanese edition of the Denim Sound Texture project, ISKO™ collaborated with seven internationally acclaimed brands, all using denim which has been woven by ISKO™. The selection included everything from rigid to a modifiable denim surface, performance-based technical fabrics to wool blends, each carrying their own characteristics, feel, and…sounds.

By using various types of unconventional microphones, Chiara Luzzana listened to the hidden voices of seven different denim fabrics. The Italian sound designer and artist dived into the invisible matter of the relationship between sound and touch, bringing the subconscious to the surface. Guided by her tools, she revealed the distinct character of the different fabrics by touching, caressing, scratching, and tearing the fabrics. Once the sounds were extracted, Chiara Luzzana composed the unique voices into an intense and beautiful soundscape.


Photo courtesy of Koen Kuik.


Denim Sound Textures at Daimaru Shinsaibashi

In celebration of the grand re-opening of the main building of Daimaru Shinsaibashi, ISKO™ brought the Denim Sound Textures project to Osaka, Japan. The department store prides itself on carrying the world’s most highly sought-after designer brands and is located in the prestigious Shinsaibashi shopping district. In the company of several great art spaces, visitors of the store can behold the first immersive experience that will introduce denim lovers to the surprising multi- sensory nature of the our favorite fabric.

The seven sculptures, designed by studio DWA for an immersive journey, are designed following a specific denim technology, as well as the interpretation that each brand gave of ISKO™’s proprietary technologies. The sounds can be released by touching the fabrics, which feature the new and innovative ISKO™ Touch Technology; a textile interface that captures the users touch in order to generate control commands. This includes a variety of applications on the fabric, such as lights, sounds, automotive and even mobile phones.

From October 12th until November 4th, located near the escalators of the 9th floor, the Denim Sound Texture will represent the celebration of the unlimited possibilities of denim. ISKO™ will take guests on a journey through seven of its most famous denim fabrics which have been interpreted by seven renowned brands, in order to present different sounds extracted from the denim. Through an exclusive experience in which the acoustic, tactile, and visual aspects of denim come together in an interactive gallery, it will stimulate the senses.


Photo courtesy of Koen Kuik.


The experience of hearing denim sing

We were super enthusiastic about the opportunity to hear the sounds extracted from denim and honored to have been invited to view the installation. Other than knowing the outline of the project, we knew little more about what to expect. When we first arrived at the 9th floor of the department store, we were blown away by the amazing designs of the seven sculptures. The atmosphere ISKO™ created was incredible and progressive, perfectly aligning with ISKO™’s taste for innovation.

After absorbing the setting and the sculptures, we took time to take a closer look at them all individually. Getting closer to the sculptures, there was an amazing attention to detail. Every minute detail was considered and well crafted. Combined with the element of human interaction of, the installation was really engaging and challenged the norm. As soon as the sounds started to play, we were carried away by the intensity of the melody within the climatic ‘Denim Soundscape’, composed by the sound designer Chiara Luzzana (which can be listened to via Spotify’s Luzzana page).

Reflecting on this amazing journey and feeling very grateful to have experienced denim in a new medium, we’re looking forward to seeing what imaginative and innovative projects ISKO™ come up with next. If you are close to Osaka, make sure to visit the project yourself in order to experience Denim Sound Textures first hand – you have until November 4th.

Swing by at to learn more about this leading and innovative brand, which is constantly pushing the unlimited possibilities of denim.

Photo courtesy of Koen Kuik.