By Robin | November 08, 2019

‘CIRCLE’ by Japan Blue Jeans

When denim rose in popularity in Japan following the Second World War, it didn’t take long before Kojima became known as the ‘City of Jeans’. Denim companies began to flourish, initially selling and examining classic American jeans, but later dyeing denim and producing jeans themselves. This period of trial and error resulted in the first original pair of Japanese jeans being made in 1965. From that moment on, Japanese denim manufacturers have taken the fabric to an unparalleled level of quality.

Today, over 200 denim related companies are operating in Kojima, producing most of the Japanese jeans available on the market. Enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world are visiting Kojima seeking the indigo expertise and high quality denim which the city has become known for. There is even a ‘Jeans Street’ where Denim is celebrated and jeans are regularly hung outside stores and shop fronts as a proud display of the city’s indigo heritage.
 Japan Blue Jeans

Born in Japan and Raised in Europe

Japan Blue Jeans was born in Kojima in 2012, originally having founded COLLECT, a company that already had many years of experience in the industry as a fabric maker and supplier. Back then, the main clients of Collect were European designers and buyers with the same taste for high-quality denim, but a different approach to contemporary fits. In close co-operation with denim designers from Europe and with years of research and development, Japan Blue managed to incorporate these contemporary European silhouettes into a brand that is still firmly rooted in Japanese denim history.
Japan Blue Jeans

Jeans of a New Dimension

With the recently released series of ‘CIRCLE’ Jeans, Japan Blue is pioneering the next stage of refined denim. The jeans have adopted a curved waistband in order to fit perfectly around the waist. It will allow for greater comfort and an improved silhouette starting from the waist. The jeans also feature pocket bags, made of a thick cloth, and branding which refers to the CIRCLE line. And as to be expected, the jeans still feature all Japan Blue’s signature details like a tanned leather patch, royal blue inseam and branded doughnut-shaped buttons.
Japan Blue are referring to the new line as the ‘ultimate jean’ which in addition to an enhanced fit, have been made from the finest fabrics which are carefully woven on vintage shuttle looms in Kojima. The jeans are available in Japan Blue’s most popular fits; the classic straight, straight, tapered and skinny.
With this new line, Japan Blue Jeans are sticking to their Japanese roots and denim heritage, while paying homage to the brands evolution in Europe. CIRCLE is the result of years of co-operation between Japanese denim masters and European denim designers. The jeans are available from €170 at