By Robin | December 02, 2019

Blue States Denim Co. x Robin Denim – Indigo collaboration #1

I have always had a fascination with Indonesia for as long as I can remember. The culture, the beautiful landscapes and the delicious food (chicken satay!) has always appealed to me. The fascination grew bigger when I first visited Wall of Fades in December 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Being one of the 32,000 visitors, I was completely overwhelmed by the passion and dedication of the denim community in Indonesia. During my visit, I got the chance to get to know the guys behind the brands I had been following on Instagram for ages. One of the guys I met was Jason Widjaja, Founder and Owner of the popular Indonesian denim brand Blue States Denim Co. During and after Wall of Fades, we spoke about our common love for denim and the journey of his amazing brand.

After a while, we decided to pool our strengths to create something special for the passionate denim community which reflected our love for Indonesia and its people. After many months of brainstorming, development and sharing ideas – which eventually even led to a custom-made selvedge fabric – I can proudly announce the Blue States Denim Co. x Robin Denim collaboration jeans!


Blue States DenimPhoto courtesy of Hans Jellema.


Blue States Denim Co.

Before giving more in-depth information about our collaboration, let me give Blue States Denim Co. the introduction it deserves.

Blue States Denim Co. was founded by Jason Widjaja during December 2016 in the metropolis of Jakarta, Indonesia. The first collection was designed with a rebellious spirit, focused on the urban Jakarta lifestyle, and was influenced by the dedicated Indonesian denim-community. Over the years, these three factors became the cornerstones of the brand and they will continue to be as the brand develops and moves forward.

Blue States Denim Co. prides itself on working with high-quality Indonesian denim fabrics, which have been woven close to Jakarta. The fabrics, exclusively woven for the brand, are known for their soft handle and great fading potential. Blue States Denim Co. is focused on contemporary silhouettes and keeping it clean with simple designs. Ever since it was established, the brand was embraced by the Indonesian denim community and has become a mainstay in the Indonesian denim scene. Further to that, it also has international recognition thanks to many denimheads!


Blue States DenimPhoto courtesy of Hans Jellema.


The Collaboration

The Blue States Denim Co. x Robin Denim collaboration jeans are made from a 16.8 oz. selvedge denim, made exclusively for the collaboration. The fabric has been woven by the skilled artisans of a renowned Indonesian denim mill and is made of 100% cotton. The warp yarns are dyed following the rope dye technique, resulting in an extra deep indigo color, guaranteeing great fades! The fabric features a red and blue selvedge ID as a reference to the Indonesian and Dutch national flags.

For our collaboration, we chose to use the brands bestselling signature ‘Slim Thin’ fit – a modern and slim silhouette, giving enough room on the top-block allowing the wearer to feel comfortable. The fit is slim on the legs, giving a clean and contemporary look, fitting perfectly with a nice pair of boots or sneakers.

The jeans feature many special details, including a vegetable tanned leather patch which displays the collaboration artwork (that is also found on the inside pocket lining), red and blue selvedge detail on the coin pocket, copper hardware, hidden rivets, and is traditionally finished with a Union Special 43200G chainstitch at the hem.


Blue States DenimPhoto courtesy of Hans Jellema.


The details

  • 16.8 oz. extra deep indigo Indonesian selvedge denim
  • Rope dyed
  • Exclusive blue and red selvedge ID
  • 100% cotton
  • Blue States Denim Co. ‘Slim Thin’ fit
  • Selvedge detail on the coin pocket
  • Copper buttons & rivets
  • Hidden rivets on the back pockets
  • Exclusive collaboration design on the pocket lining
  • Exclusive collaboration vegetable tanned leather patch
  • Blue States signature woven labels
  • Blue States signature trademark single needle Stealth Arcuate
  • Chainstitch hem by the Union Special 43200G

I am very proud of our first collaboration with the Indonesian denim powerhouse that is Blue States Denim Co. And now, after many months of development and fine tuning, it’s finally time for a pre-order!

Head over to Blue States Denim Co. on Instagram to make sure you reserve a pair of the limited Blue States x Robin Denim collaboration jeans.


Blue States DenimPhoto courtesy of Hans Jellema.

Blue States Denim

Blue States Denim

Blue States Denim