By Robin | March 23, 2020

The P&Co Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket is Made to Fade!

Birmingham-based lifestyle brand and creativity hub Provision & Co (P&Co) became known for their cool artwork and strong designs. Over the years, they have built a strong community of like-minded followers who celebrate music, art, coffee, motorcycles and other important things in life. A few weeks ago P&Co dropped the ‘Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket’, which is their interpretation of the timeless classic Type III denim jacket. The jacket features unique details, is made to last, and made to fade…


P&CoPhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.


About Provision & Co

P&Co was established in 2013 by two Birmingham-based designers and is built on a love for the motorcycle culture, classic tattoo flash and cool design. The two friends, known as Clark and Timms, wanted to launch a lifestyle concept that went beyond just being a brand. They wanted to create a concept which gave them creative freedom; a raw lifestyle brand that reflected the urban city they lived in.

7 years later and we can conclude that they’ve successfully managed to create a brand which has developed a loyal following and allows them to combine their passions. P&Co became much more than just a clothing brand, it became a community of like-minded people celebrating those who live the life less boring.

Starting with a run of 45 screen-printed t-shirts, P&Co have grown into a global brand offering a wide range of men’s and womenswear. They are proudly offering quality products that won’t be found anywhere else, filling a gap in the fashion and lifestyle retail world. Their ever-growing collection of men’s and women’s provisions, including tees, jackets, accessories and leather goods are made to be lived in and well worn. Adopting P&Co’s mantra; Think Free, Live Free.

Their latest release, the Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket, P&Co is seriously engaging with the raw denim scene. This is not just another denim jacket, but a well-balanced and high-quality modern interpretation of the timeless Type III, for a handsome price.


P&CoPhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.


The Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket

Same as most denim jackets, the Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket obviously derives from one of Levi’s original patterns. Levi’s released what became known as the Type III or ‘Trucker Jacket’ almost 60 years ago and it didn’t take long before it became their most popular model. Ever since, it has been a starting point for many designers who have attempted to make a version of their own but using the original as a blueprint.

Another starting point for P&Co’s Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket was the price point. The brand wanted to create an outstanding jacket that would be affordable for a customer who may not have bought selvedge denim before. It needed to be at a price point which would be alluring for a customer that may not fully understand the beauty and characteristics of superior selvedge denim. A starting point if you will. But equally, the quality, design and fabric is going to appeal to the most hardened denimhead and veteran of Selvedge.


Design Details

The versatile and classic silhouette of the jacket, which comes in a regular fit, will be the cornerstone of any casual wardrobe. It’s a timeless piece which won’t lose its appeal. While P&Co have retained some classic details of the Type III, they’ve also modernized it for the contemporary man. Adding hand pockets at the hips adds practicality and a modern aesthetic. The jacket also features branded solid brass hardware, an authentic zig zag stitched placket and collar, as well as a beautiful red-line selvedge ID.


P&CoPhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.


Make Up

Like many denim brands, P&Co have been on a journey to find a supplier which respects their identity, understands attention to detail and that shares a vision on sustainability and quality. Constantly looking to improve their products and enhance the production process, P&Co’s search eventually led to a perfectly matched Chinese factory.

The factory, working with several major motorcycle clothing brands, understands the approach and high level of quality from P&Co. Crucial for motorcycle clothing is the strength and durability of a garment, which is reflected heavily by the Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket.



The jacket is made of a 100% cotton 15 oz. rigid selvedge denim fabric. Finding the right fabric took a lot of searching and samples for Clark and Timms, before they got a jacket of which fit their criteria. In the past, P&Co have worked with well-known denim mills including Candiani and Kuroki, but for the Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket they needed to find a fabric which met the price point for the garment, but also retained the weight, weave and quality. After an intense search they settled on a Chinese denim mill which met their requirements, allowing the brand to offer the jacket at an accessible price point whilst retaining all the aspects of quality the brand is known for.


P&CoPhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.



The Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket is a great balance of classic design details and contemporary twists to make the jacket the brand’s own. Some of the highlights for us include;

  • 15oz red line selvedge raw denim
  • Custom antique brass buttons
  • Authentic zig zag stitched placket & collar
  • 2 patch pockets on chest with button closure
  • 2 welt side pockets

And most importantly, it’s made to fade!



The Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket by P&Co isn’t just another denim jacket. It’s a jacket built following the principals of what we’ve come to expect from thus motorcycle-inspired lifestyle brand, merged with a historic blueprint. P&Co wanted to make a jacket that was able to convince people whom are new to selvedge denim, that this was a worthy investment. Alongside the introduction of the jacket, P&Co is planning to launch matching jeans later this year. In the future, they will look to source a Japanese milled fabric without impacting too heavily on cost. Watch this space.

The Origin Selvedge Denim jacket is available for the incredible price of €147 including free worldwide shipping, which goes for all orders on their website over €35. Head over to P&Co for more information about the brand and to have a look at their latest collection.


P&CoPhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.