By Robin | March 01, 2020


German-based design studio SAAT and Italian denim manufacturer Candiani have teamed up for an exclusive collaboration for Bluezone and the Spring / Summer season. Both organizations have combined forces in order to come up with a mouthwatering capsule collection, which was worn by the Bluezone staff during the show. Featuring Italian fabrics mixed with German designs and manufacturing taking place in Europe, the capsule collection is a knock out!





SAAT, a Munich-based design studio, is inspired by craftsmanship and minimal designs. The studio focuses its attention on functionality and simplicity, offering both a ready-to-wear collection and custom-tailored items.

Aesthetically, the products appear stripped back to reveal only essential elements and are made from the finest materials including Japanese and Italian fabrics and organically tanned leather from Germany. The studio’s aspiration is to utilize resources carefully and show an appreciative attitude towards the customer and individual. The studio started as a brand creating and selling jeans and leather bags, but has evolved naturally into a design consultancy for international fashion brands and newcomers.

The design studio SAAT has often been approached by companies such as hotels and medical companies in order to replace the standard workwear with their innovative, contemporary and conscious designs. In the field of uniforms, they have found the opportunity to develop clothing that is modern and stylish, but also durable which makes the whole concept sustainable and suitable.





Candiani is one of the largest mills in Europe, supplying denim to many of the best brands in the denim scene. The company was established in 1938 in a small town outside of Milano (Italy) and has remained a family owned business ever since.

For four generations, the craft, expertise and knowledge has been passed down to each member of the Candiani family, continually enhancing and enriching the heritage of the company. This, combined with a drive to continue innovating and producing fabrics of the highest quality, has resulted in a textbook example of ‘Made in Italy’ excellence.

In their 82 years of experience, sustainability, innovation and conscious production have become crucial cornerstones of the mill. Candiani has become one of the greenest textile mills in the world of denim, with a truly global reach and presence.




SAAT x Candiani for Bluezone

The capsule collection developed by these two giants of industry is the third collaboration between SAAT and Candiani, supporting the theme of ECOISM for the most recent instalment of BLUEZONE. The collection has been created to demonstrate traditional workwear in a modern silhouette and contemporary style. One driver for the development of the collection was a focus on the lifecycle of each garment. The amount of wastage during production was significantly reduced and minimized where possible, and the value of individuality emphasized. By using ‘Relast’ fabrics from Candiani, the values of sustainability and conscious construction are deeply woven into each fiber. All this combined results in a true workwear style for the Twenty First Century. But read on to find the real purpose and performance of this collection!




‘12 different styles, designed for carers whom are on their feet all day’

The virgin ecru denim fabrics used for the collection weigh in at 11oz. and are woven using a combination of organic cotton and recycled elastane. The innovative selvedge fabric and other luxury PFD fabrics – which were also used in previous collaborations – is a high-performance fabric which was actually created with modern doctors as the target customer.

The capsule collection is a masterpiece of tailor-made denim garments created to improve the health care experience, by adding a new twist to uniform. It is designed for carers whom are on their feet all day, and includes 12 different styles, depending on the type of care being given. All pieces are designed with an intelligent pocket solution where the wearer can keep valuable things by their side.

One noteworthy piece is the Doctors Denim Chore Coat which is offered in a soft rinse wash and features a classic three-pocket construction, complemented with contrast buttons that elevate the silhouette’s rugged look. Also included in the capsule is a Denim Tee Tunic and easy-to-wear chino, each having their own distinct functionalities.




“A brilliant and refined workwear capsule collection”

The collaboration between SAAT and Candiani is another brilliant and successful chapter in this collaborative partnership. It’s impressive not only in terms of aesthetics but crucially in terms of fabric, functionality and eco- consciousness. Intertwined with the core values and philosophy of each brand, fairness and consciousness are woven into every stitch.

Head over to to learn more about their impressive work, and go to the website of Candiani for more information about one of the greenest denim mills.