By Robin | August 02, 2020

Five white tees to make you look and feel as good as your favourite denim icons!

Fashion, and denim, are subject to trends. Most trends will disappear after a few seasons, and will pop up again after a few decades. Compared to general fashion, denim is relatively steady, but certainly not excluded from a good trend. Fits will disappear and reappear, washes will change and popular culture will shape the DNA of our jeans. But, one denim ‘look’ in particular has shown no signs of wavering over the years – blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

Is there anything to combine with denim as iconic as a white tee? We have seen this combination being rocked in Hollywood movies, by artists and football players, and even former presidents of the USA. Denim is accessible and popular in every social class of our society, and similarly, pairing it with a white tee is a universal look regardless of ethnicity, gender or age.

With such an iconic combination, we felt compelled to feature five white tees that we feel are the perfect partner for your favorite pair of denims. All shirts below have been road tested and worn by our team, so rest assured we’re giving you a first hand review. And of course, all the brands featured here also offer an array of other quality products, so be sure to check the rest of their collections as well.


BT-01 Pocket Tee – Benzak Denim Developers 

Popular Dutch denim brand Benzak Denim Developers started doing business with only made-in-Japan jeans, but expanded with a range of top-of-the-line ‘European Made’ apparel. The range is built on the same principles as BDD’s jeans: carefully made responsible garments, made of high-quality materials, and made for the long run. A carefully selected factory in Portugal is taking care of their well-balanced collection of jackets, shirts, jeans, sweats, and tees, all meeting the high quality-standard of the brand.

BENZAK’s BT-01 is a classic crew neck tee and is made of 210 gsm heavy jersey. The thick 100% cotton fabric guarantees extra durability, without compromising on comfort and a soft handle. The BT-01 comes in off-white and features a small left chest pocket. In addition the tee features the brand’s signature bull embroidery on the front of the tee near the hem, as well as BENZAK’s new sportswear label which has been updated recently.

The super soft and durable BT-01 Pocket Tee is available at BENZAK’s webstore and comes at a price of €49.

White tee


TdN L’Equipe – Tenue de Nîmes 

Amsterdam-based denim store Tenue de Nîmes has been one of the leading denim stores worldwide for over a decade. Renowned for its fantastic collections and a super knowledgeable team, the store has carved out a stellar reputation for itself known the world over. During the last few years the store gas gone beyond offering the best brands to also offering their own in-house brand – Tenue. Tenue is a denim brand which the guys from TdN are dropping only top-of-the-line garments made of super high-quality materials.

The Tenue L’Equipe edition comes in the popular ‘Bruce’ fit with a screen printed L’Equipe logo. The tee is made of a BCI certified cotton fabric, which has been developed in collaboration with Tenue’s Portuguese supplier. The L’Equipe tee qualifies as a sturdy, durable, and heavy-weight tee, which comes in an oversized fit. It is available with and without the L’Equipe logo, which has been applied by hand in Amsterdam.

The L’Equipe is available at for €80.

White teePhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.


The T-Shirt – ASKET

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, ASKET has been making meaningful essentials since 2015. Although the brand strongly believes that the world doesn’t need another fashion brand, ASKET tries to restore the value of garments. The brand is continuously working on a permanent collection of zero-compromising pieces, which have been made in a responsible way. ASKET prides itself on being very transparent about not only production, but also materials and costs. On each product page, the brand shows what percentage of the supply chain is traceable, and they are striving to have a 100% traceable collection in the future. They are continuing to make positive steps and this is a model we should all be adopting.

‘The T-shirt’ is ASKET’s signature straight-cut crew neck tee and is made from a dense 180 gsm single jersey. The fabric is woven from a soft and durable 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, which is considered to be one of the highest qualities of cotton. The T-shirt has been designed as classic as they come, accentuated with a ribbed neckline. Designed to stand the test of time, this tee is playing the role of both statement and staple, which will never go out of fashion!

The Egyptian cotton T-Shirt is available on ASKET’s webstore for €35.

White teePhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.


1950’s T-shirt – Merz B. Schwanen 

German-based knitwear label Merz B. Schwanen was established on more than a century of history, experience, and character. The brand was originally formed in 1911 and was revived in 2011 by Peter Plotnicki – right on time for its 100-year anniversary. The idea was to use authentic worker’s clothes from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s as inspiration and blend those styles with a modern design by only using good, sustainable and animal friendly materials.

The 1950’s T-shirt is a textbook example of the philosophy behind the brand and comes in a 100% all organic cotton fabric. It is a classic crew neck t-shirt, cut in an easygoing and relaxed fit. It comes with 2cm extra length in the body, to counter any shrinkage in the first wash. The one-thread jersey is woven on an original loopwheeler machine, meaning there are no side seams. All processes and materials that are used in order to make the tee are all-natural, which will obviously result in the great comfort against your skin.

The all-natural 1950s T-shirt from Merz B. Schwanen comes at a price of €48,65 and is available in their webstore.

White teePhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.


9 oz. Organic Pocket Tee – Dawson Denim

Dawson Denim was established in 2012 by Kelly Dawson and Scott Ogden in Brighton, England. The two have been working with denim for over twenty years, and today they design, cut and sew all the brand’s product themselves. Their collection is driven by a solid denim workwear offering, which is made using traditional techniques and integrity. The collection is clearly inspired by the past but with improvements for modern living. At Dawson Denim, each item is custom made to order, meaning that each item is made especially for the customer who placed the order.

The Dawson Denim Pocket Tee is a classic t-shirt, the type popularized by teens during the 1950’s. Made from a sturdy 9 oz. organic cotton jersey which has been knitted in the UK, it is left in a raw white colourway. Made entirely in England by a London based factory which has been producing garments since the 1940’s, it is a true homage to age old production techniques. Finished with a ribbed neckline and featuring a small pocket on the left chest, this is undoubtedly a classic.

Dawson Denim’s Made-in-England 9 oz. Organic Pocket Tee is available for €72,50 on

White teePhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.


High Five’ is a series at Robin Denim in which we feature five high-quality products from a specific category. All products featured in ‘High Five’ have been reviewed by our team and the series features our honest recommendations. The makers who are responsible for the products share the same artisanal approach towards quality and durability, which we love and admire.

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