By Robin | August 27, 2020

Our Top 5 Picks from the Kingpins Shop

Kingpins is one of the leading authorities in the denim industry and has arguably been the most active forum within the denim community since its inception in 2004. For the past 16 years, they have established indigo trade shows around the world, including events in New York, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong. Kingpins have provided an innovative platform for denim companies from across the denim supply chain from all over the world, bringing people together under the auspices of a better blue world. Today, the show is considered to be one of the most inspiring and informative shows for the denim industry, so it makes sense that Kingpins has spread its wings and taken on a new venture; The Kingpins Shop.

The shop is an extension of the pop-up shop featured at the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam and New York, which offers a selection of indigo treasures from all over the world. The team have been run off their feet and scouring the globe for a great selection of items from vintage clothing to homewares and much more. The careful selection also highlights the many amazing makers who have crafted the variety of products, providing transparency and honesty in where all the product originates from.

After browsing the webstore for days, we finally narrowed down our selection of products to just 5 fantastic items, which you’ll find below. You can also see this selection on the Kingpins Shop at this link.


The Streatham Light Indigo Tee

Kicking off our Top 5 with this statement piece as we strongly feel that an indigo dyed tee is essential to every denimhead’s wardrobe. The Streatham Tee from the New York-based brand Swonne comes in a light indigo shade which lends itself to a cool look with any pair of jeans. Being made by a brand that values sustainability and comfort, we had no second thoughts about featuring the tee in our selection.

The Streatham Light Indigo Tee takes inspiration from motorcycle performance wear and features articulated and shaped seams, making it fit close to the body. It is made from 100% cotton and has a raglan cut sleeve with a center seam detail on the back. Made in the USA, it is then hand indigo dyed to give it an eye catching wash and colorway. And to give it an unmistakable Swonne identity, the brand have placed a metallic logo on the back of the shoulder.

The Streatham Light Indigo Tee is available for $39.50 at the Kingpins Shop.


Kingpins Shop


Indigo: The Color that Changed the World

Indigo is arguably one of the most inspiring colors and dyes in human history. Its unique properties and beautiful shades give way to all manner of uses and it continues to shape the development of denim to this day.

Catherine Legrand, author of ‘Indigo: The Color that Changed the World’, has spent more than twenty years traveling the world and researching indigo, providing some amazing historical narratives and insights in her latest title on the subject. The ultimate reference book on the subject, the book touches on dying techniques and highlights the use of indigo in countries including India, Laos, and Japan, showing its historical application and place in traditional cultures. Legrand’s deep knowledge of ancient techniques, patterns and clothing is perfectly bundled in the book, making it an inspiration and important reference for anyone who has any interest in indigo or denim. With over 500 images, it’s a great book to have on the coffee table.

Indigo: The Color that Changed the World is available for $65.00 at the Kingpins Shop.


Kingpins Shop


Hozho Silver Feather Pendant

Not blue, not made of denim or indigo, but a perfect example of its kind. The Silver Feather Pendant by Hozho immediately grabbed our attention, even more so when we realized it was made by hand in Japan.

Hozho is a Japanese jewelry maker and is built on a deep love and respect for the artisanal way of work. The brand uses traditional methods and ancient tools to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces. The mission of Hozho is to show the beauty of silver through their work, in a search for the ultimate balance between material and style. The Silver Feather Pendant is the ultimate example of going beyond the limitations of silver, perfectly capturing the lightness and vulnerability of a feather. Heavily inspired by Native American jewelry, but merged with ancient Japanese craftsmanship, we were really inspired by this piece. All items created by Hozho are made to order and will be sent directly from Japan within 3 weeks after a purchase.

The Hozho Silver Feather Pendant is available for $132.00 at the Kingpins Shop.


Kingpins Shop


Bamboo Sculpted Denim Backpack

We all need a solid, durable and practical backpack to carry our precious belongs, right? If the answer is yes, you can stop searching, because we found the one!

The Bamboo Sculpted Denim Backpack is designed by the brand 11-11 and is made in India. 11-11 represents a continuous quest for mastery of craft and aims to create links between farmers, weavers, dyers and traditional craftspeople who are highly skilled in their chosen medium. In this instance, the bamboo shell has been fine sculpted, giving the bag a fantastic design and form. The hand spun denim features a unique blue shade and has been quilted at the back for extra durability. Last but not least, the shoulder straps are adjustable allowing the wearer to make it fit their body as desired perfectly. We’re hard pressed to find anything to improve upon!

The Bamboo Sculpted Denim Backpack is available for $418.00 at the Kingpins Shop.


Kingpins Shop


Set of Three Indigo Dyed Pillows

Every denimhead’s home needs an indigo touch and Kingpins Shop understands this more than most! With a variety of great homewares to show every visitor you’re an indigo enthusiast, we struggled to be selective and could have happily included many more home items in our selection.

The owner of Mata Quilts & Textiles, started the brand after spending a year living in Kutch, India, where he studied traditional crafts. Inspired by the rural desert region’s incredible textiles he started the brand to share them with the world and help keep local artisans’ talents alive. This set of pillows are made from a 100% cotton indigo dyed fabric, with a natural feather insert, and feature a print design which was applied by hand in Kutch, India. The fabrics were then sent to Brooklyn, New York, in order to be sewn together. Oh, and they’re available as a set or separately! With unique designs and eye catching patterns, they not only look great in the home but are truly handcrafted across two continents.

The Set of Three Indigo Dyed Pillows from Mata Quilts & Textiles are available for $165 at the Kingpins Shop.


Kingpins Shop


As we’ve shown here, the Kingpins Shop offers an amazingly well curated collection of carefully made products from all over the world. All products are unique in their appearance and their construction, but all the brands and makers share the same vision on artisanal processes and sustainability. Head over to the Kingpins Shop to learn more about the product, processes and the makers!