By Robin | July 07, 2021

Realign Denim – Our Largest and Most Exciting Project to Date!

The past eighteen months has been really tough for us all. We’ve had to face seemingly impossible challenges and adapt to difficult circumstances. Instead of working on our careers, or going on that trip we had planned, we were forced by a virus to stay at home, to survive and to adjust. For Robin Denim, all our business trips were cancelled and many things got postponed or had to take a backseat. But, although it was challenging, we had our health and good fortune to keep going. Now, with the worst behind us, we feel positive about the future, which we’re trying to face with a new energy and renewed motivation.

During the pandemic, we at Robin Denim decided to go back to where it all began for us, back to our first love – Denim. We went back to the drawing board, to re-visit and expand upon ideas which we parked many years ago. With the helping hands of some giants of the denim industry, we managed to realize our dream. A dream which made us create Robin Denim seven years ago, a dream we’ve decided to call ‘Realign Denim’.


Realign Denim



7 years ago, in 2014, we started Robin Denim as fanatic and passionate denim enthusiasts, with very little knowledge of or network within the denim industry. We got bit by the indigo bug and soon found ourselves travelling to trade shows, visiting stores and meeting people from all over the world. We wanted to take you with us on our journey, so we started @robindenim and created

We have learned so much about denim and the industry behind it during the last several years. Denim has brought us to cities like Jakarta, New York, Istanbul and Osaka, all of which were unforgettable chapters in our story so far. But, what made the last 7 years truly unforgettable are the passionate people which we’ve met along the way, that form the backbone of the denim industry and it’s community. 

During the last 7 years, an idea crossed our mind a million times. We spoke about the idea from the very beginning and we took steps to make the project become a reality. But every time the opportunity crossed our path, we considered taking a leap of faith, but we never did. We could have done it earlier, but we didn’t consider ourselves ready. We wanted to feel confident and ensure that for this project – the largest and most exciting in the history of Robin Denim – the timing was right. 

Now, 7 years after our first steps in the denim industry, we consider ourselves ready for the next step. In collaboration with some of the most respected artisans in the denim industry, we managed to make our dream become a reality. 7 years after entering the denim scene for the first time, we are about to release our own denim brand. We are about to release Realign Denim.


Realign Denim


Realign Denim

After years of building a network in the denim industry, following years of research & development, numerous conversations and dead ends, the exciting moment to announce the upcoming release of Realign Denim is finally here! Although we’re apprehensive, this is a dream come true for us and we couldn’t be more proud to introduce you to the brand. 

Through Realign Denim we wanted to visualize our love for denim and our passion for fabric and construction. We wanted to elaborate on the rich heritage of the Japanese denim industry, through utilizing traditional Japanese manufacturing processes and the expertise of seasoned artisans who know denim like no one else. We wanted to create a premium Japanese denim brand, bursting with authenticity and quality, while being shaped by a sense of contemporary style and shape. 

In order to accomplish this, we entrusted the production of Realign Denim to the Kojima-based powerhouse Japan Blue Co., one of Japan’s leading denimmakers and the masterminds behind some of the most popular denim brands. With an impeccable reputation and decades of experience, Japan Blue Co. are responsible for a number of important developments within the industry and have played an integral role in elevating Japanese denim to new heights. After working with the company for many years, we visited Japan Blue Co. in 2018 in Japan, because we wanted to meet the people behind the fabric in order to get a true sense of the organization’s identity, morals, ethics and environment. After visiting the factory, mills and warehouses, we were fully assured that Japan Blue Co. was the Japanese partner we were looking for, sharing the same philosophies, possessing a rich history and adopting a responsible company mindset.  

To us, Realign Denim quickly became so much more than we could have ever hoped for. It became a reflection of the denim community and its beautiful people, its heritage and its history, as well as its innovation and forward thinking. More than just ‘another’ denim brand. Elaborating on the network of Robin Denim, Realign is designed by us, translated by renown denim designers, made by experienced Japanese denim masters and approved by highly regarded Japanese denim legends. With Realign we stand for future-proof jeans and responsible denim. We stand for small and limited production runs of carefully hand-made garments, designed to last and built to endure.

Realign, entirely made in Japan, with the utmost of care!


Realign Denim


8/8 – 信じる人のために

On August 8th 2021, Realign will go live with the release of our first and very limited 信じる人のために collection, entitled ‘For Those Who Believe’. The first collection will consist of only 100 pairs of jeans and will introduce signature details of the brand as well as carry some unique features which are limited to only the first release including a debossed indigo dyed leather patch.

We named our first release ‘信じる人のために’ as a tribute to all the people who are involved in Realign and those who are joining us along the way. The collection consists of our very first Realign fit, named the RLGN-R, which is a regular fit with enough room in the top-block and tapered legs. The jeans will be made of a beautiful 16 oz. Japanese selvedge denim, which is beautifully irregular with a characterful texture and incredible fading capabilities. Our first 100 jeans will propagate how we see premium Japanese denim in the Twenty First Century.

While we would love to share more information about Realign and the 信じる人のために collection, we decided to hold back until a later date. But rest assured, it will be worth the wait! More details will follow on August 8th, along with the release of the first 100 pairs of Realign jeans. So, make sure to mark the release of Realign 信じる人のために in your calendars and keep your eyes to the ground for more information. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know more about Realign and how we see the future of premium selvedge denim.