By Robin | August 30, 2021

Momotaro x Denimio x Robin Denim –  The Ultimate Cobalt Collaboration

For as long as we can remember we have been huge fans of Momotaro Jeans. The mysterious vibe, the striking battle stripes and the unparalleled high quality authentic selvedge denim was our common interest which eventually led our business relationship into a meaningful friendship.

Over the years, our collection of Momotaro garments has grown exponentially alongside our love and passion for Japanese denim. Momotaro have spent years crafting a position for themselves within the industry as pioneers and kingpins, always adding something new to the ever-evolving story of Japanese denim. While not as old as the Osaka 5 brands, Momotaro are undoubtedly considered an ‘OG’ in Japanese denim, a brand which is hugely respected amongst the denim community and adored worldwide.

Given our love for the brand and Momotaro’s reputation, you can understand why we’re a little excited to make today’s announcement. You guessed it, we’ve combined forces to bring you the ‘Ultimate Cobalt Collaboration’. A dream for many years, we can’t expressed how thrilled we are to be working alongside the team at Momotaro on such an iconic collection.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s a third party. Our good friends and cornerstones of the denim retail landscape, Denim have also joined us to mark the occasion, making this a dream come true! Denimio have fast become a leader in denim e-commerce, stocking the best and brightest brand under the (indigo) sun.

To celebrate our common love for denim and years of friendship, we  have developed the DM007ROBIN together. We wanted to create something truly special; a pair of jeans which reflects our vision on modern denim from a brand, a store and fan’s perspective. We still can’t believe this has happened and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone involved – read on to find out more!


MomotaroPhoto courtesy of Hans Jellema.



The starting point of the collaboration was a roundtable discussion about fabric – we were looking for a fabric which would be a welcome addition to the wardrobe of even the most seasoned denim heads, something they hadn’t worn before and something which would fade well, obviously!

During our discussion and search for the perfect candidate, Momotaro developed a 14 oz. ‘Cobalt Blue’ fabric, with a very textured and slubby surface, hallmarked by a beautiful blue and white selvedge. As the fabric comes in a one-wash, it results in a supple and comfortable wear from the start. The incredibly vibrant cobalt blue weft adds that extra bit of depth to the fabric, giving the extraordinary look we wanted to achieve.

The DM007ROBIN comes in Momotaro’s popular ‘0305’ silhouette – one of Robin’s favorite fits. The 0305 is a tight tapered cut, giving a contemporary silhouette which works well with boots or sneakers. A popular shape in Europe, it fits in perfectly to the wardrobe of most denim lovers.

Oh, and the name – The DM007ROBIN – we could claim is inspired by none other than James Bond. We could claim that the jeans will be worn in the upcoming ‘No Time to Die’ movie, but in reality it is nothing more than showing it’s the seventh collaboration between Momotaro and Denimio. Although Daniel Craig, if you’re reading this, slide into the DMs!


MomotaroPhoto courtesy of Hans Jellema.


The Details 

Our goal with this collaboration was to fuse some traditional Japanese art alongside Robin’s perspective and outlook on denim, making a truly unique jean that authentically reflected those involved in the collaboration. As the manufacturing of the jeans is executed by Momotaro themselves, it goes without saying that they are made to the extremely high standards that we have come to expect from the premium Okayama-based denim brand.

The DM007ROBIN features a mixture of typical Momotaro accents as well as some custom and exclusive details to mark the occasion. This includes a thick vegetable tanned cowhide leather patch showing an  artwork of Peach Boy Momotaro in front of Amsterdam’s famous architecture. The blue accents of the patch are indigo, obviously, and the patch will show its beautiful patina over time and wear.

One of the things that we love the most about Momotaro are their famous ‘going to battle’ stripes on the back pockets; a symbol of Japanese tradition representing honor and strength. For this collaboration, we decided to do something which has never been done before, like we said we wanted to make this a truly exclusive offering! Underneath the legendary silk screened ‘battle stripes’, we have added two stripes of denim. We reversed the ‘Cobalt Blue’ fabric so that once the white silk screen fades, the cobalt blue color really pops. Same as  with the leather patch, the battle stripes will only look better with wear and tear.

In addition to the details above, the yoke and pocket lining features a proprietary shirting quality fabric with a traditional Japanese fish pattern. The coin pocket features ‘peek-a-boo’ selvedge details and a we created a special Momotaro / Denimio tab to mark the occasion.


MomotaroPhoto courtesy of Hans Jellema.


Here’s a breakdown of the details in full:

  • Momotaro 0305 Tight Tapered silhouette
  • 14 oz. sanforized ‘Cobalt Blue’ Japanese selvedge denim
  • 100% cotton
  • One-washed
  • Blue / White Selvedge
  • Blue inseam thread
  • Custom Battle Stripes
  • Custom veg tan cowhide leather patch
  • Momotaro branded buttons
  • Chain stitched hems and waistband
  • Hidden copper rivets on the back pockets
  • ‘Peek-a-boo’ selvedge detail on the coin pocket
  • Proprietary shirting quality fabric for the yoke and pocket lining

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome and we hope you love it too. It is a dream come true for us and we’re honored to have worked alongside such esteemed Japanese denim experts. It’s been a huge team effort by all involved and we’re so proud to see our name on such an outstanding high quality product. It will be a limited edition and only available while stocks last, there will be no re-runs or additional production. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

The DM007ROBIN is available at Denimio and comes at a price of 32.930JPY (approximately €254). Head over to Denimio for more information about this unique triple threat collaboration or to purchase a pair of jeans. We’re so excited for this product to be out in the denim world and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

As always, stay blue.