By Robin | August 08, 2021

The 16 oz. Realign RLGN-R Unraveled

Brand: Realign
Product name: RLGN-R
Fit: Regular fit / tapered leg
Materials: 16 oz. Japanese selvedge denim
Made in: Kojima, Japan
Price: €300 – including free worldwide shipping


Through Realign we visualize our love for denim and our passion for fabric and construction. We elaborate on the rich heritage of the Japanese denim industry, through utilizing traditional Japanese manufacturing processes and the expertise of seasoned artisans who know denim like no one else. Realign is a premium Japanese denim brand, bursting with authenticity and quality, while being shaped by a sense of contemporary style and shape


The Facts 

We started Robin Denim back in 2014 as fanatic and passionate denim enthusiasts, but with very little knowledge or network within the denim world. We got bit by the indigo bug and soon found ourselves traveling to trade shows, visiting stores and meeting people from all over the world. Today, 7 years after our first steps in the industry and embarking on our indigo adventure, we have launched Realign. A new premium Japanese denim brand which is the result of years of hard work, dedication and passion. 

On August 8th 2021, Realign was launched with the release of our first and very limited 信じる人のために collection – entitled ‘For Those Who Believe’ – as a tribute to all those who have helped bring Realign to life and those who are joining us along the way. The first collection consists of only 100 pairs of jeans and will introduce the brands’ signature details as well as carrying some unique features which are limited to only the first 100 pairs of jeans.




The Fit

The first fit – which is called the RLGN-R – is a regular fit with a medium rise, room in the thigh and a slight taper throughout the leg. It provides sufficient room in the top block – making it fit comfortably without being loose – and the taper gives a clean, contemporary silhouette.

The RLGN-R fit is developed to serve a wide range of people and body shapes. The versatile silhouette fits nicely with both sneakers as well as boots, and is designed for everyday use. We think it’s the ultimate all-rounder. 


The Manufacturing 

Ever since we had the idea of our own denim brand, we knew that manufacturing needed to take place in Japan. We strongly believe that denim from Japan is unmatched in terms of quality, craftsmanship and authenticity, and this is exactly what Realign represents. After years of preparation and extensive networking, we are very proud to announce that our jeans are entirely made in Japan, including the labels and hardware.

All Realign jeans are handmade in small batches by the renowned Japanese denim masters of Japan Blue Co. in Kojima, Japan. This powerhouse of a company is the workhorse behind some of the most popular denim brands and has mastered all processes in the denim supply chain. We couldn’t ask for better collaborators. From incredible attention to detail and fabric choice to using vintage shuttle looms and their team of highly skilled artisans, we feel very confident in the quality of the Realign product.

Part of Japan Blue Co. is the denim mill Collect Mills, which is the fabric division of the company. The mill has been weaving denim since 1992 and makes authentic selvedge denim of a quality which is hard to beat. With Collect Mills as our fabric supplier, we ensured that Realign has continuous access to some of the most characterful indigo fabrics coming out of Japan. 

We pride ourselves in working together with one of the most experienced manufacturers in the world of raw denim. Read more about the denim mill and manufacturer behind the brand at




The ‘Structure Selvedge’ Fabric

For our first 信じる人のために collection, we have carefully selected a ‘Structure Selvedge’ as our weapon of (denim) choice. The name of the fabric derives from the structured texture and framework of the fabric, with the fabric idea conceived by the mill itself which lends to its exclusivity and uniqueness.

The Structure Selvedge is weighted at 16 oz. per square yard, which can be categorized as a mid-to-heavyweight fabric. The fabric may feel rigid and tough during the first few weeks, but it will soon soften with wear, especially due to the low-tension weave. The fabric will then begin to mold to your body shape, resulting in a clean and contemporary silhouette with a characterful aesthetic as the fabric fades. The irregularity and ‘slub’ of the fabric is unlike any other denim we’ve seen and combined with the deep blue hue of the indigo, results in a truly unique pair of jeans. 

Although our Structure Selvedge has an intense and beautiful deep blue color prior to it being worn, the fabric will soon come alive with wear. It provides consistent overall wear and fading, with a textbook Japanese look and feel. If you’re looking to achieve high contrast fades, we would advise postponing the first wash for 6-12 months if possible. However, washing more frequently will achieve a ‘vintage’ aesthetic with a more uniform fade and colour. Below you can see a sample of the denim which has been worn consistently for 10 months without a single wash.

Learn more about the ‘Structure Selvedge’ and its impressive fading potential at




The Details 

The Realign RLGN-R from the 信じる人のために collection will introduce signature details of the brand, as well as carrying some unique features which are limited to only the first release. We’ve highlighted some of our favourite features below.

The Hardware

The hardware is made by one of the world’s major suppliers – YKK – and has been executed by the Japanese department of the company. The top button is made of bell plated brass and carries the Japanese characters ‘日本製’ which translates to ‘Made in Japan’, as a homage to the Japanese heritage of the jeans.

The Indigo Dyed Deerskin Leather Patch 

A unique feature on only the first 100 pairs of Realign jeans is the indigo dyed deerskin leather patch with a gold printed ‘Realign’ logo and the debossed text ‘信じる人のために. The leather patch has been specially developed to celebrate the founding of the brand and our first launch, offering something truly special and unique for this first collection.

The Heavyweight Pocket Bags

Probably not the ‘sexiest’ detail to mention, but we’ve made the pocket bags from a heavyweight cotton fabric in order to prevent them from tearing. Pocket bags can be prone to heavy wear and fabric tears, so we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure they don’t wear out before your jeans do. They’re also deep enough to fir your keys, phone or notebook etc. without needing to dig around. 

Here’s a breakdown of the details in full:

  • Peek-a-boo selvedge detail on the coin pocket
  • Heavyweight cotton pocket bags
  • Chain stitched hem and waistband
  • Tonal stitched arcuate on the back pockets
  • Hidden rivets on the back pockets
  • Limited edition indigo dyed deerskin leather patch
  • Button fly
  • Bell plated brass buttons
  • ‘REALIGN 日本製’ branded top button
  • Custom-made donut buttons on the fly
  • Made in Japan




The Conclusions

Our first thoughts of starting Realign occurred many years ago and we’ve spent countless hours, days and months since then trying to carefully develop our ideas into a reality. We wanted to authentically translate our ideas into a product which didn’t compromise on quality , style or durability. Our jeans are made to withstand the test of time and heavy wear, with great promise for developing fantastic fades and character the more you wear them. We’re so happy to share this next step of our denim journey with you and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has offered a helping hand along the way.

The Realign RLGN-R is available for €300 at, including free worldwide shipping. Head over to the Realign website to learn more about the brand or to purchase one of the first pairs from our debut collection.