By Robin | August 24, 2022


Denim trade show BLUEZONE, will soon open the indigo floodgates above Munich again, overdyeing the South-German city in our favorite color. Opening its doors on August 30th and 31st, BLUEZONE will make sure to attract leading denim manufacturers from the entire supply chain as well as thousands of visiting denim professionals and denim fans from all across the world. Turning Munich into a sweet indigo melting pot, team Robin Denim is eager to be present at BLUEZONE to cover the denim story through our platforms.

With only just a few days until the show, we already want to introduce to you the BLUEZONE CAMPUS uniforms which will be worn by the staff of the leading denim show. The uniforms are made by a triple collaborating super-team including BLUEZONE, design studio SAATMUNICH, and denim mill EVLOX, and will take a central part at the show. Photographer Koen Kuik and Robin Denim joined the collaboration taking care of the photoshoot prior to the show and to help spread the word.

Read along to get to know all about the fantastic BLUEZONE CAMPUS uniforms or to learn more about the place it will take at the show, including a charity program for Ukraine, named: ‘BENEFIT CAMPUS 22’.


BluezonePhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.

The BLUEZONE Concept

The BLUEZONE concept was unrolled in 2003 and was established by the international fabric trade show Munich Fabric Start. The Biannual denim show has grown into one of the leading shows in Europe, hosting around 100 international suppliers who are all showcasing their most recent denim novelties to the international denim and fashion community. The BLUEZONE shows guarantee an authentic, easygoing and familiar atmosphere and are the perfect opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their latest developments and innovations, and upcoming trends.

The main theme for the upcoming BLUEZONE show, taking place on August 30th and 31st, is ‘CAMPUS’, and was chosen because fabrics become ‘better’ when you know more about their characteristics and values. According to Panos Sofianos, curator at BLUEZONE, CAMPUS is equal to edutainment, and is underlining the show’s mission to permanently change the mindset of the industry and is showing that sustaining is more than just a gimmick word. BLUEZONE is trying to bring the industry ‘back to school’, to help understand what went wrong in the past, why we are facing such disruptive facts, and to learn how to do better in the future. We need to embrace technology and education as our tools to fix the ‘World of Blue’. BLUEZONE is daring the industry once more to come up with new concepts and new cutting-edge products for better, and this call has been caught in the theme ‘CAMPUS’.

To visualize the mission of the show and to dress the staff cool and functional, BLUEZONE teamed up with design studio SAATMUNICH and fabric supplier EVLOX in order to present the ‘BLUEZONE CAMPUS uniforms’.


BluezonePhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.



SAATMUNICH is an experienced full-service design studio from Munich, specialized in creating individual concepts in fashion and corporate wear since 2015. Led by the creative masterminds and power-couple Thorsten Bulander and Sajna Weber, the studio’s aspiration is to utilize resources carefully and show an appreciative attitude towards the customer and individual. Working with some respectable companies – including leading International hotels & fairs – SAATMUNICH shows to be a trustworthy partner, who is carefully tuning in to their clients, building and shaping perfectly fitting concepts.
After successfully partnering with BLUEZONE since 2016 developing the BLUEZONE outfits with different themes and collaborations biannual, the studio has been redesignated to develop the uniforms for the upcoming show with the new collaborator EVLOX.

The theme being the programmer, the designer duo has drawn their inspiration from the golden decade of hip-hop culture and the sports legends such as Dennis Rodman and Michel ‘Air’ Jordan creating the uniforms which they call the ‘Modern Retro CAMPUS Uniforms’ Reinterpreting the past – ‘WU WEAR at its best!’ Says the denim head Thorsten Bulander.

Amidst today’s technologically-driven design culture, there has been a return to the comfort of familiar imagery and typography. New Retro shows how designs from the past can be updated to suit the needs of today, and this is exactly what SAATMUNICH did for BLUEZONE. The BLUEZONE uniforms feature an airy silhouette combined with the best typography presented by high definition embroidery and application. The oversized unisex uniforms are custom designed for the BLUEZONE staff, where great functional attributes derived from fabrics, and a style fitting perfectly to the ‘CAMPUS’ theme of the upcoming show.


BluezonePhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.


The EVLOX Materials

The star ensemble is enforced by EVLOX who is taking care of the fabrics for the Campus uniforms. EVLOX is based in Spain and started as a yarn, weaving and stamping factory in 1846. In its more than 175 years of existence, the company specialized in manufacturing denim, reinventing classics and creating new solutions for the world’s most important fashion brands. Today, totally making over 15 million meters of denim, the people behind EVLOX are still sharing the same passion for denim, striving to the highest quality standards in the fabric manufacturing. Their undiminished passion and investments resulted in multiple patented products and processes, and close relationships with the giants from the fashion industry as well as ‘smaller’ – more niche – brands.

For the Campus Uniform, the design studio SAATMUNICH selected two denim fabrics which were made following the patented Smoothic manufacturing process. The Smoothic Technology, a combination of innovation resulting in a range of smart denim fabrics – with a unique velvety feel and ultra-softness offering comfort that is transformed into maximum well-being. These fabrics earn high elasticity and low shrinkage without losing the original and authentic premium denim look. With sustainability at the core of every step, EVLOX managed to minimize the use of water and energy during the production of these fabrics.

The CAMPUS RETRO CLASSIC’s are executed in both an Ecru and a Denim version and
are a harmonious balance of the innovative fabric technology from EVLOX aligned with the unique concept creations of SAATMUNICH.


BluezonePhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.



The BLUEZONE CAMPUS uniforms are designed as a limited edition, with a purpose to support the charity project „FAIR FOR UKRAINE“. The BLUEZONE staff will proudly wear the uniforms and represent the project on the two-day show. Furthermore, there will be installations and competitions that will highlight the outfits.

For those who want to take a closer look, the outfit will be presented at the SAATMUNICH booth (H6 B05) and the EVLOX booth (H6 C06) where the details of the outfits are further highlighted and explained. At the SAATMUNICH booth and the Charity Store (H7) the limited edition BLUEZONE outfits could be acquired in order to support Ukraine. The Charity Store has been brought to life in order to contribute to the relief on the ground in the Ukraine, and 50% of all proceeds will be donated to the Charity Project ‘FAIR FOR UKRAINE’ – an initiative by Munich Fabric Start.

More info about the upcoming BLUEZONE show can be found here. Also swing by at SAATMUNICH or EVLOX if you want to learn more about the involved parties. You are all invited to toast with us at the BLUEZONE party, we hope to see you there!






BluezonePhoto courtesy of Koen Kuik.