By Robin | September 01, 2022

Realign’s New ‘Double Indigo’ is Now Available for Pre-order

Premium denim brand Realign is doubling its offering with the release of a Japanese ‘Double Indigo’ jean. Elaborating on the irregular and slubby ‘Structure Selvedge’ fabric released last year, Realign releases another high quality fabric featuring a deep blue indigo shade with unparalleled fading potential.

With the global release planned for September 16th, the Realign RLGN-R 14 oz. Double Indigo is available for pre-order in limited quantities as of today. The jeans have just been finished in Japan and are currently making their way to the Realign warehouse. By pre-ordering the jeans, you will be sure to receive Realigns’ latest masterpiece first, plus early birds will receive a 10% discount and free worldwide express shipping.

Keep reading to find out all details about the upcoming release, or go straight to the Realign webstore to pre-order the Realign RLGN-R 14 oz. Double Indigo.




The Realign RLGN-R 14 oz. Double Indigo 

All jeans at Realign are built following the highest standards of Japanese textile principals and are finished with a surgical attention to detail by seasoned craftsmen and women who have been making denim for decades. Same as the fabric and the manufacturing of the jeans, all labels, buttons and rivets are also made in Japan for the simple reason that Realign wants to make jeans that are entirely made in Japan. Realign maintains a close and small supply chain which results in locally sourced expertly made in Japan jeans of the highest quality.

The Realign 14 oz. Double Indigo comes in the RLGN-R silhouette, which is a regular fit, with a medium rise and has room in the thighs with a slight taper through the leg. The RLGN-R fit provides sufficient room in the top block, making it fit comfortably without being loose, but the gentle taper gives a clean and contemporary finish.

As for their fabrics, Realign continue their partnership with the esteemed Collect Mills from Kojima, Okayama prefecture in Japan, which has an impeccable reputation and decades of experience in denim. Collect Mills specialize in making some of the worlds’ best selvedge denim fabrics, which are all created in their in-house facility on well-maintained antique shuttle looms by a team of denim specialists.

The 14 oz. ‘Indigo x Indigo’ selvedge denim fabric consists of indigo warp yarns and indigo weft yarns. This is a contrast to a more traditional denim fabric, which utilizes indigo warp yarns and white weft yarns. The unique ‘Double Indigo’ fabric gives extraordinarily intense deep blue shades and promises to fade beautifully. Weighing in at 14 oz. the fabric is suitable to year-round wear and is comfortable yet sturdy. Made from a blend of 100% Australian and USA cotton, the non-stretch fabric will soften with wear and offers some wonderfully high contrast fades over time.




The Details 

Here’s a breakdown of the details in full for the RLGN-R 14 oz. Double Indigo:

  • 14 oz. Japanese selvedge denim
  • Sanforized fabric
  • 100% cotton
  • Red and white selvedge ID
  • Flat-felled inseam
  • Peek-a-boo selvedge detail on the coin pocket
  • Heavyweight cotton pocketing
  • Chain stitched hem and waistband
  • Tonal stitched arcuate on the back pockets
  • Hidden rivets on the back pockets
  • Indigo dyed deerskin leather patch
  • Button fly
  • Brass buttons with bell plated top
  • ‘REALIGN 日本製’ top button
  • Custom-made donut buttons on the fly
  • Made in Japan

Head over to the Realign Denim webstore to learn more about the ‘Realign RLGN-R 14 oz. Double Indigo’. The jeans will be available for pre-order from September 1st until September 16th 2022 and early birds get a 10% discount with free worldwide express shipping. All pre-orders will be sent no later than September 16th and the discount will be applied at the checkout automatically.



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