By Robin | January 19, 2023

BLUEZONE DISCOVERY – Discover, Experience, Focus

On January 24th and 25th, BLUEZONE will host its biannual show in the familiar Zenith Areal in Munich. Under the banner of “Discovery”, denim experts from around the world have been invited discover and experience the latest developments in the industry. It is through the collaborative processes of discovery and recovery that the industry can build a more sustainable and responsible future.

As a part of international fabric trade show Munich Fabric Start, BLUEZONE attracts denim professionals from all over the world who share a passion for and knowledge about denim. Since denim has woven its way into nearly every fashion collection, BLUEZONE is not only a relevant platform for denim brands, it stretches into the wider world of fashion. More and more non-denim professionals are visiting and discovering value in the show. With a strong commitment to excellence and a highly innovative approach, BLUEZONE has become an important opportunity for those who want to either discover or present quality materials, know-how, and innovations in a uniquely blue-blooded environment.

BLUEZONE Discovery is completely booked and is presenting a strong brand line up including nearly 100 international mills. We are happy to invite all members of the global denim family, to share moments together, and to discover and drive innovations. Get inspired by the latest materials, mind-bending and world-shaping perspectives, and denim knowledge—we hope to see you all at BLUEZONE Discovery!




Celebrating 20 Years of BLUEZONE

The upcoming show marks the incredible milestone of 20 years of BLUEZONE. Founded in 2003 as the first-of-its-kind denim-dedicated trade show, BLUEZONE has established itself over the last two decades as one of the most substantial business platforms for the global denim, street and sportswear markets. Nearly everything in the world has changed in the last two decades, and the show has changed with the world, evolving into a leading platform for knowledge-sharing, cooperation, and collaboration.

We reached out to BLUEZONE Managing Director Sebastian Klinder and we asked him how the trade show has evolved over the last 20 years and what he expects for the coming years. Sebastian told us:
“My first impulse would be to say that the BLUEZONE has not changed. But when I think about it more carefully, that’s not true. The development process is continuous and very authentic. This is how BLUEZONE has been transformed into a beloved happening for the industry over the past 20 years. You can compare it to an authentic raw denim that fades more and more over the years and becomes more and more authentic and beautiful. A further development is KEYHOUSE, which has established itself over the years as a strong innovation platform for the show. In 20 years, BLUEZONE and KEYHOUSE have always been a reliable partner for the industry. This role is very important to us and we are very proud of it.“

According to Bluezone curator Panos Sofianos, the show has changed its direction to establish new clusters that serve innovation while also respecting the need for more responsible, sustainable, and ethical manufacturing. By hosting the best and most passionate exhibitors and selecting speakers unafraid to speak the truth, BLUEZONE is putting wind in the sails of the industry. The small and dedicated BLUEZONE team is proud of what they have achieved in recent years and is now, more than ever, motivated to build a sustainable business platform for the denim industry with a strong commitment to excellence and innovation.



BLUEZONE Discovery

This year’s lineup will include leading companies like Saitex, Strom, and CFB, who will all be showcasing their most recent discoveries and developments for the first time at BLUEZONE.

Key to this year’s theme of discovery will be the willingness of both new and returning participants to evaluate the status quo and to take the necessary next steps towards a more sustainable industry and a circular product. BLUEZONE is challenging its participants and visitors to be aware of their role in the industry and to take responsibility for this role and its impacts. Companies who are joining the show are challenged to shape the space, to be relevant, and to think sustainably. They are asking all participants to be open to the ongoing processes of discover, recovery, and reinvention.

Discovery is an invitation to explore the new and unknown, to go on a journey together with denim and fashion brands, but without losing themselves and their unique identities in the process. BLUEZONE invites all denim professionals to come well equipped with denim knowledge, to come with an open mind, and to come prepared to join in and contribute to lively conversations about the future of the industry.




What to discover at BLUEZONE Discovery

The denim mills exhibiting at this year’s BLUEZONE are some of the largest stakeholders in recent investments and developments in the industry. We are moving towards a more sustainable and responsible product, and they are leading the way. Presenting their latest collections and important innovations, they know that BLUEZONE is the eminent place to discover the latest in the field of fabrics and applications.

Sustainability and circularity are the way forward, and they will at the top of this year’s agenda, playing an important role in both exhibitions and presentations during the show. BLUEZONE’s unique concepts, Keyhouse and ReSource, showcase and kickstart the industry’s latest sustainable developments, equipping and inspiring visitors for a more ethical and prosperous future.

We discovered during the pandemic that physical trade shows are irreplaceable. They fulfill a need for social interaction between denim-minded professionals. To underline the importance, BLUEZONE has established The Denim Club, a place that will facilitate denim networking and collaboration. If you are looking for a more private conversation, you can reserve private rooms at BLUEZONE.

An unmissable highlight will be Brother’s direct-to-garment printer, which presents the next step forward in textile decoration. Make sure to join their live demonstration of industrial printing on denim jackets and trousers in Hall 7.

Finally, we encourage you to join the interesting lectures and panel discussions on relevant topics in the denim market that will take place in the Seminar Zone in Hall 7 on both trade show days. The entire conference program for MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE, featuring more than 50 speakers from all over the world, is available on the website.




“The future of denim is together”

With the building of responsible alliances in the foreground, BLUEZONE has once again partnered with the Transformers Foundation, joining their powerful voices to lead a call for positive and sustainable change in the industry. Both are looking towards the distant horizon and paving the way towards more innovative, sustainable, honest, and transparent developments. At the BLUEZONE Discovery show, the Transformers Foundation will host two expert panels focused on chemical certification and fiber technology. The panels promise to be an unmissable highlight.

Another illustrious cooperation which will be present at the show is The Italian Luster, a cooperation of respected manufacturers of Italian premium brands along the entire value chain. The Italian Luster will offer all visitors an introduction to the high standards of Italian fashion with a focus on quality and innovation in the field of fabrics, accessories, pattern-making, and washes.

Make sure to book your flights to Munich to join the conversation about the future of our industry, to discover the latest innovations, and to get inspired by relevant denim knowledge. We hope to see you there!