By Robin | April 01, 2023

Realign Denim Introduces their New Slim Silhouette

Realign Denim has been making premium denim in Kojima, Japan, since August of 2021. They’ve now added a third silhouette to their already impressive fit lineup. The brand draws inspiration from the storied histories of Japanese denim and American workwear. From top to bottom, each pair demonstrates the brand’s keen eye for contemporary style and meticulous attention to detail.

Realign Denim set out with a goal to provide a perfectly fitting jean for all body types. Today, they’re one step closer. On top of their popular Tapered Yoshi and Regular Kenji fits, Realign now has a slim silhouette. They call it the Slim Sakura.

Sakura, the Japanese word for cherry blossom, is considered special in Japanese culture, both for its beautiful sound and its rich symbolism. In Japan, the emergence of the cherry blossoms demarcates the transition between winter and spring. The blossoms are a reminder of the beauty and transience of life. They turn the hills into a tableau bursting with rich colour. As quickly as they come, they depart, falling to the ground and giving way to lush greens.

Both the word (a popular name for girls in Japan) and the image of the cherry blossom are deeply imbedded in Japanese culture. Realign has, since its foundation, been a bridge connecting Japanese denim craftsmanship with Western denim enthusiasts, and they are proud to make this connection clearer by calling their new fit the Slim Sakura.

The Slim Sakura is now available in a brand-new fabric option on the Realign Denim webstore. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the new Slim Sakura silhouette and Realign’s new denim, or, if you are already convinced, you can go straight to Realign Denim.



The Slim Sakura Silhouette

In their mission to provide a perfect fit for all body types, Realign develops each new silhouette in close cooperation with a team of Japanese pattern makers. They take their time, knowing that patience delivers the best results. The Slim Sakura is their third silhouette and the latest addition to their core denim lineup. The fit has carefully been designed and shaped with a focus on comfort, wearability, and versatility, resulting in a well-balanced and modern silhouette.

Slim Sakura is Realign’s third silhouette. It fits slim from the hip all the way down to the ankle. It features a medium to low rise, slim thighs, and a strong taper throughout that traces the contour of the leg resulting in a tight leg opening. The silhouette is slim, versatile and modern, but this is definitely not a leg-hugging skinny jean. Slim Sakura has been developed for those who are after a distinctly contemporary look. It will work very well for all ages and for nearly every body type.



The Slim Sakura 14 oz. Deadstock Blue

Almost as important as a perfectly fitting jean is the denim it has been made from. Realign wanted to introduce the Slim Sakura fit in a premium denim fabric that is a perfect match for the versatile silhouette. They searched high and low for the perfect all-round fabric that provided the right feel and the right degree of wearability. They found what they were looking for in the 14 oz. Deadstock Blue from Collect Mills.

Produced by the legendary Kojima-based mill, the 14 oz. Deadstock Blue has been woven on antique shuttle looms, which give it both authenticity and an entirely unique character. Right down to the yarns, the denim is a result of Collect Mill’s attempts to recreate a roll of deadstock denim that they found neglected in a warehouse. The selvedge was produced when Japanese denim was still in its infancy, making it a treasure beyond measure. It has a distinct gray hue that makes it stand apart from the purple-hued denims that Realign has become known for.

Due to its weave and weight, the 14 oz. Deadstock Blue is comfortable from day one, and it can be worn all-year round. It has a crisp and rigid hand-feel at first, but it softens remarkably quickly. The beautifully textured denim has a very short break-in period, and the fades it can produce when worn often contain some of the most vibrant indigo tones we’ve ever seen. This will be the perfect pair for those who are new to the world of raw denim or for those who want the perfect middleweight spring/summer jeans.



Here’s a breakdown of the details:

  • 14 oz. Japanese selvedge denim
  • Sanforized fabric
  • 100% cotton
  • Red and white selvedge ID
  • Peek-a-boo selvedge detail on the coin pocket
  • Heavyweight cotton pocket bags
  • Chain stitched hem and waistband
  • Tonal stitched arcuate on the back pockets
  • Flat felled inseam
  • Hidden rivets on the back pockets
  • Indigo dyed deerskin leather patch
  • Button fly
  • Brass buttons with bell plated top
  • ‘REALIGN 日本製’ top button
  • Custom-made donut fly buttons
  • Made in Japan

Starting on Saturday, April 1st, Realign’s Slim Sakura will be available through the Realign webstore. The first pair will utilize the brand’s 14 oz. Deadstock Blue, a comfortable and breathable fabric that produces stunning fades with vibrant indigo tones. All of Realign’s signature details, including their elegant arcuates and flat-felled inseams, will be there. The pairs will retail for €330.