By Robin | July 12, 2023

Here’s Why You Should Attend Bluezone ConneXXion

Next week, the international denim trade show Bluezone will celebrate its 20-year anniversary. They’ll mark the occaison by transforming Munich into a vibrant blue hotspot. From July 18th to 19th, thousands of denim professionals from around the globe will join the festitivities. Fully booked for months in advance, Bluezone ConneXXion promises to exceed the usual high standards that we’ve come to expect from the show. There will be unprecedented opportunites for denim professionals to connect, innovate, and inpsire.

This summer, Bluezone is set to break tradition by moving to new, earlier dates in July, departing from its usual end-of-August or early-September schedule. By taking this progressive leap on the agenda, in alignment with Munich Fabric Start, Bluezone is effectively adapting to the evolving order and collection rhythms of the industry. This strategic move places the event at the forefront of the purchasing and sourcing phase, ensuring its position in the future.

Season after season, Bluezone continues to attract the crème de la crème of the denim community, including 100 internationally relevant and well-known exhibitors who use the show as a platform for their cutting-edge developments and innovations. Come and join us as we celebrate all things denim at Bluezone ConneXXion on July 18th to 19th in the Zenith Halle in Munich!



Anniversary Edition

Bluezone ConneXXion celebrates the remarkable achievement of Bluezone’s 20 years connecting and inspiring denim professionals. Back in 2003, Bluezone was established as a stand alone concept for denim and sportswear organized in parallel to Munich Fabric Start. Bursting with energy, a clear vision, and audacity, the first edition of Bluezone served as a catalyst for a new era in the world of denim, paving the way for the denim trade show concept.

The first show was held at the Zenith Halle in Munich in 2003. At that time, the Zenith Halle was an underutilized and underdeveloped concert hall that had never been utilized for trade shows or events. Through close collaboration with the Bluezone team, the location underwent significant developments, modernizations, and extensions that helped it align with the specific requirements of Bluezone, establishing a relationship that has been strong enough to withstand the winds of change. Over the years, Bluezone has returned over and over again to the Zenith Halle, creating countless positive moments and experiences together with attendees.

2023 is a year of milestones for the denim industry. It is not just Bluezone’s 20th anniversary year. It also marks the 150th anniversary of the patenting of riveted jeans by Levi Strauss. Orta will also be celebrates their 70th birthday, and denim icon Ruedi Karrer will be celebrating 50 years of denim obsession. Each of these would be reason enough to celebrate on its own. Together, they will ensure that all presenters and attendees will be in a festive mood for Bluezone ConneXXion.




Bluezone ConneXXion

As more than 100 industry leaders in denim and sportswear come together, Munich will once again emerge as the epicenter of the global denim community, serving as a platform to showcase the industry’s latest advancements and innovations. Over the course of two days, the show will provide visitors with opportunities to explore the latest fabric collections, cutting-edge denim highlights, material innovations, and process technologies in a welcoming and inspiring environment.

The show boasts an impressive lineup of esteemed exhibitors, including renowned industry leaders such as Calik, Denim Authority, Isko, Kurabo, Naveena Denim, NDL, Orta, Royo, Saitex, Sharabati, and numerous others. Together, they deliver a comprehensive 360° denim experience that will only further solidify the event’s reputation in the industry.



Panel Discussions

For two decades, Bluezone visitors have witnessed the growing significance of seminars and panel discussions, highlighting the evolution of the trade show. What began as a platform primarily focused on purchasing fabrics has transformed into an innovation hub where the industry comes together to reflect on its recent past and to collectively determine its future. Spanning the two days of Bluezone ConneXXion, the show’s panel discussions and seminars will equip both visitors and exhibitors with top-tier knowledge that is both forward-thinking and future-proof.

A glimpse of some of the seminars and lectures: Anticipate two seminar sessions led by the Transformers Foundation, along with a panel discussion titled “NEWTOPIA – Reconstructing the jeans of the future from scratch.” Additionally, there will be Women in Denim Talks featuring Lucie Germser and the We Are Sphynx-Team, an insightful session called “50 Fades of Ruedi,” and Bryan Szabo’s “Accidentally Sustainable” which will look at how the Indigo Invitational is Incentivizing Sustainable Consumer Behaviors. Lastly, I would like to highlight AMD Düsseldorf’s presentation on “The 5 Denim Senses”. There will be a wealth of other captivating content awaiting attendees.

The comprehensive conference program for Munich Fabric Start and Bluezone, featuring charismatic and experienced speakers from around the globe, is now available on Bluezone’s website.



Keyhouse and The Source 

If you’re exploring Bluezone and seeking the latest developments, innovations and solutions, be sure to visit Keyhouse and The Source. These areas are must-visit destinations for discovering cutting-edge industry advancements.

Keyhouse provides an atmospheric industrial space where progressive suppliers and global players from diverse industries will present the latest in new developments, innovations and technologies. Spanning over 1,000 square meters, and staged as an interactive think tank, Keyhouse will showcase trend-setting smart textiles, future fabrics, and new technologies. These innovations will be seamlessly integrated into textile products and high fashion, pushing the boundaries of integration and creativity.

Designed as a premium sourcing platform, The Source brings together 70 carefully curated clothing manufacturers who showcase their top-level products and excellent manufacturing solutions. Focused on the latest sourcing services and apparel manufacturing, The Source provides a reliable and flexible hub for tailored quantities and reimagined logistics chains, offering dependable sourcing solutions.



What else is going on at Bluezone ConneXXion?

Bluezone offers additional captivating highlights, including an exhibition by designer Ksenia Schnaider, a special presentation by Ruedi Karrer on The Jeans Museum in Zurich, featuring guided tours led by Ruedi Karrer himself, and a remarkable photo exhibition showcasing the Top 10 fades from last year’s Indigo Invitational Fade Competition.

Last but not least, since Bluezone ConneXXion is all about celebrating anniversaries, let’s get the party started at the Munich Fabric Night on July 18th. Starting at 6:30 p.m., the event will take place on the Zenith grounds, situated between Munich Fabric Start and Bluezone. Get ready to groove to the beats of DJ Crew Geschwister Schall and let your feet dance the night away!

With ConneXXion as a guiding theme, Bluezone is where the industry can come to both find and bring some of the fun back into our beloved denim, fashion, and textile world. With its inspirational and professional atmosphere, Bluezone is the denim place to be. Discover the latest denim highlights, material innovations and process technologies at Bluezone ConneXXion. We hope we’ll see you all there next week!


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Did you know that Bluezone’s next show is on July 18th and 19th in Munich? Learn more about Bluezone, here.