By Robin | May 30, 2017

Wear & Tear Contest – Maurice, Month’2


Maurice Tuhusula

Instagram: @the_last_samaurice
Age: 34
Residence: Amsterdam
Occupation: Pig & Hen, Redwing


  1. Tell us, who are you? What are your hobbies, passions in life, and what do you like about your job? What’s your clothing style?

I am a denimphomanic ™, Denim is my hobby and my passion! My clothing style is; ‘Denim till I dye’™. Besides denim I like to build Japanese robot model kits.

  1. Why are you participating in the contest?

Denim destruction is my passion and that’s exactly the reason why I am participating in this contest. For me, denim is only a denim when it’s a dry and it has a selvedge edge.

Why Nudie? Because they stole my heart ten years ago and because I had the privilege to work for them! What I love about Nudie Jeans is their vision on sustainable denim and their organizational transparency.


  1. What are your expectations of the Wear & Tear contest? Will you win?

I expect to win this Wear & Tear contest! In contrast to most denim heads, I am not sitting behind my desk all day. I am a wild lad and no matter what, I will always wear my jeans. Rain or shine, through thick and thin, whether I am working or climbing, I live in my pair of jeans! Once again, I will win this contest for sure!


The evolution of Maurice’s Nudie Jeans Grim Tim from month to month…



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