By Robin | September 16, 2017

Wear & Tear Contest – Roman, month’5


Roman Willemse 

Instagram: @r.willemse
Age:  24
Residence: Amsterdam
Occupation: Social media/communication intern and sales rep.


  1. Tell us, who are you? What are your hobbies, passions in life, and what do you like about your job? What’s your clothing style?

I am a guy with a lot of (sometimes too much) interest in fashion. I am doing an internship at the Amsterdam based brand 45-30 and I work in Amsterdam and Haarlem in a store called ‘Number Nine’. Besides, I have a website about Fashion, Music and Lifestyle. The webstite has a focus men with similar interests as the ones myself and the editorial team have. My style when it comes to clothing is very diverse. One day I’ll wear a completely worn out pair of APC jeans with sneakers and the next day I could be wearing a trouser with a pair of Common Project sneakers. Sneakers are always at the center of my outfit, so you can call me a ‘sneaker head’.


2. Why are you participating in the contest?

Although I’ve just called myself a sneaker head, raw denim is the most interesting piece of garment because it reflects your lifestyle.

Why Nudie? Because I’ve known the brand for many years and I already own several pair of Nudies. Till now, I never wore a Nudie dry, so this is my Nudie dry debut. Since my APC is completely worn out it was time for a new project, so this contest came at the perfect time. I think, and hope, this pair of jeans will succeed just like my APC did.


3. What are your expectations of the Wear & Tear contest? Will you win?

I expect this contest to be a close call. We’re all very different persons with different jobs and interests and I think this will be displayed through our jeans. I am going to win? Of course! From all the participants, I am the least hardcore denim head, so basically I am the underdog. Being the underdog gives me the advantage to surprise all the competitors at the end of the contest!


The evolution of Roman’s Nudie Jeans Grim Tim from month to month…



Wear & Tear Contest - Roman, month 1

Wear & Tear Contest - Roman, month 1


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Wear & Tear Contest - Roman, month'5