By Robin | April 17, 2017

Nudie Jeans X Robin Denim Wear & Tear Contest – Roman


Name: Roman Willemse
Instagram: @r.willemse
Age:  24
Residence: Amsterdam
Occupation: Social media/communication intern and sales rep.


  1. Tell us, who are you? What are your hobbies, passions in life, and what do you like about your job? What’s your clothing style?

I am a guy with a lot of (sometimes too much) interest in fashion. I am doing an internship at the Amsterdam based brand 45-30 and I work in Amsterdam and Haarlem in a store called ‘Number Nine’. Besides, I have a website about Fashion, Music and Lifestyle. The webstite has a focus men with similar interests as the ones myself and the editorial team have. My style when it comes to clothing is very diverse. One day I’ll wear a completely worn out pair of APC jeans with sneakers and the next day I could be wearing a trouser with a pair of Common Project sneakers. Sneakers are always at the center of my outfit, so you can call me a ‘sneaker head’.


2.     Why are you participating in the contest?

Although I’ve just called myself a sneaker head, raw denim is the most interesting piece of garment because it reflects your lifestyle.

Why Nudie? Because I’ve known the brand for many years and I already own several pair of Nudies. Till now, I never wore a Nudie dry, so this is my Nudie dry debut. Since my APC is completely worn out it was time for a new project, so this contest came at the perfect time. I think, and hope, this pair of jeans will succeed just like my APC did.


3.     What are your expectations of the Wear & Tear contest? Will you win?

I expect this contest to be a close call. We’re all very different persons with different jobs and interests and I think this will be displayed through our jeans. I am going to win? Of course! From all the participants, I am the least hardcore denim head, so basically I am the underdog. Being the underdog gives me the advantage to surprise all the competitors at the end of the contest!