By Robin | January 27, 2017

Our Favorite Instagrammers – @thechasekennedy


Name: Chase Kennedy
Instagram Name: @thechasekennedy
Amount of followers: 2015
Age: 25
Residence: West Virginia, USA
Occupation: Aviator

I’m Chase. I’m an aviator, musician, sports fan, wannabe foodie, and raw denim enthusiast. I love tacos, barbecue, sushi, steak, and good cheeseburgers. I love hockey and photography. Shooting streets and landscapes is my favorite hobby. I also love to travel and hang out with my girlfriend and family.


Our Favorite Instagrammers - @thechasekennedy


  1. Why do you share your outfits? And why Instagram?

I’ve always loved trying to dress nice, and it’s fun to share ideas about what to wear with other people who care. Instagram just kind of became the natural place to share it, and the community is incredible.


  1. What makes your Instagram feed so special?

I don’t think I have the most special feed out there, and I could honestly stand to include a lot more clothes, but I guess it stands out because there’s a huge mix of all my passions on there. Denim, street photography, sports, etc. it’s a pretty real glimpse into my life.


  1. Where does your inspiration come from?

I get it from all over. Mostly the people and places I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to visit and meet.


Our Favorite Instagrammers - @thechasekennedy


  1. Where does your love for denim come from? And when did it start?

I’ve always loved wearing jeans, so about 4 years ago when I discovered what raw denim could do I was hooked.


  1. Your top 3 favorite (denim)brands? 

3sixteen is number one for sure. Those dudes have just been really great since I got into this whole thing. I also love the look of everything they make, and it’s all made really well.

Railcar Fine Goods is another great one. Steven is incredible at what he does. Everything he makes is done really well, and he’s a great guy.

Also I don’t have any yet, but I’d really like to get a pair of Strike Gold’s. They’re on my dream list.


  1. What is your favorite accessory?

My 3sixteen black indigo watch cap. Black indigo is awesome and I’m allowed to wear it in uniform at work which is a huge bonus.


Our Favorite Instagrammers - @thechasekennedy


  1. What items do you wear the most at the moment? 

My 3sixteen SL-100x, trying to get some good wear on them. My 3sixteen crosscut flannel, as it’s perfect for the weather. and my Helm Railroad boots. Breaking them in at the moment.


  1. What is your favorite shop? And what is your favorite webstore? 

Selfedge always hooks it up. Stop every time I’m in NYC and it’s always great. Online I buy from them as well.


Our Favorite Instagrammers - @thechasekennedy


  1. Do you care about the production process? Why (not)?

Absolutely! Knowing my clothes come from someone making fair wages doing something they take pride in is incredibly important to me. I don’t want to get anything that comes from a sweat shop.


  1. What are your dreams for the future?

Fly more planes, eat more food, fade more jeans.


Our Favorite Instagrammers - @thechasekennedy